AMD Supply Aims to Be the Largest Aluminum Supplier in Miami

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AMD Supply brings a diverse range of aluminum products, hardware, fencing and hurricane shutter materials under one roof. AMD is a Miami, FL Premier Aluminum Supplier!

Miami, Florida (PRUnderground) February 1st, 2016

Continuously expanding its aluminum product offerings, AMD Supply LLC is, “Delivering On its Promise of Low Cost, Better Quality, and Exceptional Customer Service”. AMD is a leading wholesale aluminum supplier in Miami, recently added a whole new array of products to their lineup, stepping closer to their goal of becoming the biggest supplier of aluminum products in the South Florida (Palm Beach, Broward, & Miami-Dade) region.

The company works with a wide range of partners and aluminum suppliers to offer their customer with a diverse assortment of aluminum products and the freedom to shop according to their budget and requirement. Recent additions include the SuperNova accordion hurricane shutter and the patented Hi-tech accordion hurricane shutter as well as a line of roll shutter Motors.

The spokesperson for AMD Supply spoke of how the company has managed to cater to their client’s requirements without compromising the quality of product and service. Explaining why and how they keep quality at the forefront, the spokesperson said, “When we founded AMD Supply, we realized the void for a one-stop shop for industries that utilize aluminum products. We wanted to create a one-stop shop that could offer a convenient and reliable place to compare products in order to choose the most suitable. So far, we have delivered on our promises”.

The spokesperson further stressed that quality was and will remain the most significant factor for the company. He explained that there are many criteria used to assess the quality of the products. AMD Aluminum only chooses the ones that live up to those standards. AMD Supply offers its aluminum extrusion service to help clients and customers with very unique and specific aluminum needs.

Major product offerings of AMD Supply include aluminum sheet metal, hurricane shutters,aluminum castings, aluminum fences, aluminum hardware and signs, etc. Most of the products are specific to the construction industry but also for the restaurant / hospitality and automotive industry.

AMD Supply, stands as one of the major wholesalers of Aluminum sheet products in Miami, caters to a wide number of retailers, offering them a competitive advantage. However, the offerings are not limited to aluminum metal products. AMD Supply also offers a plethora of aluminum castings, hardware and packaging material used for or in conjunction with these products. This includes a diverse variety of latches, hinges, ball caps, lock boxes, and wall mounts to name a few.

According to the spokesperson, the reason behind AMD’s rapid growth is the combination of high quality products as well as top-notch customer service. ‘When we started, we knew that the major problem in the industry was not lack of good aluminum products but the lack of great customer service. That is why, at AMD Supply, we offer the best of both worlds. Our team fully understands the needs and requirements of the industry they cater to and are all veterans in the aluminum industry. They have the knowledge and experience to work along our clients. They can provide consultancy to help clients make better decisions and choices. Most importantly, they offer support that goes well beyond our services. We are here to build long-term relationships. And that is what sets us apart.”

AMD Supply delivers value through discount offers on several of their aluminum products and offerings. Customers and clients can enjoy seasonal discounts on various products throughout the years. Numerous deals are available, especially during the spring season when the demand for aluminum products is usually on the rise.

AMD Supply has been expanding its outreach since 2006. To maintain the level of service it offers, the company has also upgraded to a high-end computer system that allows it to manage the rising number of customers and the expanding volume of orders. “Technology remains one of the greatest factors behind our success. And it is not just the manufacturing technology we focus on. We also make sure that our business process is managed as smoothly as possible,” the spokesperson added.

By utilizing the latest technology to ensure convenience for their users and buyers their website makes it easier for their customers to conveniently choose the aluminum products they desire. All the relevant information, along with product pictures is listed on the website. AMD Supply also offers their complete catalogue in PDF format to help their customers make well-informed decisions without much hassle. Vendors and manufacturers alike associated with AMD Supply can also benefit from the plethora of resources available on their website.

“We go out of our way to help our clients make the most out of their decision to choose AMD Supply. We will keep providing more online resources to assist them further. Our customer relations team will remain available day and night to help them with all kinds of concerns and queries,’ added the spokesperson.

The spokesperson also stated the company’s goal to add a number of other relevant aluminum supplies in the near future. For a look at complete list of products offered by AMD Supply LLC, please visit the website

About AMD Supply LLC

AMD Supply offers a wide range of aluminum supplies to our customers in South Florida, including hurricane shutters, painted shapes, mill finish aluminum, castings and hardware, and aluminum sheets., AMD Supply is located at 15701 SW 29th St., Miramar FL 33027 –

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