AMD SUPPLY Offers an Exceptional Range of Aluminum Castings

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Always improving on their products & trade, AMD Supply provides one of the finest and most extensive ranges of aluminum castings in Miami, Palm Beach, & Fort Lauderdale.

Miami, FL (PRUnderground) May 11th, 2016

Completing 10 successful years as an established wholesaler and distributor of aluminum products in South Florida, AMD SUPPLY, LLC has always concentrated its efforts on nurturing a healthy rapport with its clientele.

Over the years as the company took on the initiative of expanding its operations, they have been introducing new items to their aluminum product catalog. Although a part of the catalog for quite a long time now, the aluminum castings line offered by AMD SUPPLY now caters to a much wider customer base in a number of industries.

The state of Florida is home to several thriving industries, and aluminum castings are widely used across manufacturing industries ranging from automotive to construction.

Even with the widespread use across different industries, the automotive industry remains the largest niche for aluminum castings. However, most of the aluminum castings provided by AMD SUPPLY are the ones used in construction.

In conversation with us, a spokesperson from the company stated, “Starting out a decade back, none of us thought we would make it this big. However, when we look down the road we’ve traveled so far; one thing stands out – we have always stayed abreast the customer trends and updated our inventories accordingly. Long into the industry, we realized that if we have to survive the cutthroat competition in the wholesale aluminum industry, we need to give the customers exactly what they want, and since aluminum castings are always in high demand, we made it a point to keep our stocks up-to-date with the latest trends. Combine that with our business values and other aluminum products – it has been working great for us so far.”

However, aluminum castings alone would never work for the company – something the company picked up on quite early into its operations. This led them to focus on providing top notch wholesale aluminum supplies to their customers in South Florida, particularly Miami.

The Aluminum Castings Range

The company currently offers rosettes, finials, end caps, post caps, shoes, wall mounts, rings, and a lot more. To ensure they deliver nothing but high quality aluminum castings, the company handpicks their supplies. Each piece is thoroughly checked for size, thickness, and alloy quality specifications before being entered into their inventory.

The spokesperson on this occasion stated, “We have a ‘no compromise’ policy for the quality of our products. We make sure every aluminum product we deliver conforms to the strict quality control standards of our company. We promise to deliver our customers with the best, and we go out of our way to ensure we do just that!”

The Customer Service

For AMD SUPPLY, it’s not just the quality of their aluminum castings that is important. The company pays attention to providing clients with prompt responses for quotes and queries, smooth transaction processing, and efficient shipping.

The company is constantly observant of the prevailing market conditions, which makes them flexible in responding to the changes in market demand for aluminum supplies. It is their ability to moderate aluminum casting prices, and keep them affordable even in times of a demand-supply gap that gives them the true competitive edge over others in the industry.

It doesn’t come as much of a surprise to know that AMD SUPPLY has accomplished a lot more in just 10 years than many companies would. However, it never came easy to them; the company has worked meticulously on providing quality aluminum products and winning customer loyalty through their professionalism and commitment.

About AMD Supply LLC

AMD Supply offers a wide range of aluminum supplies to our customers in South Florida, including hurricane shutters, painted shapes, mill finish aluminum, castings and hardware, and aluminum sheets., AMD Supply is located at 15701 SW 29th St., Miramar FL 33027 –

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