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American Folk & Country Influenced Trio Willow Mile Releases First Single “Everything Happens For a Reason” June 28th

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Willow Mile is a mesmerizing band that brings in a wide range of classic American born music into their own captivating work. Answering the demand of their growing number of fans their first single “Everything Happens For a Reason” showcases their ability dropping to the public June 28th.

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) June 28th, 2019

From hypnotic vocals to skilled acoustic guitar work Willow Mile works in a Folk and Country influence that’s been a part of American musical tradition for ages. This isn’t something that makes their sound dated or aged but quite the opposite as they clearly are taking listeners in a fresh direction creatively, which is pure pleasure for those who enjoy this kind of musical space. In exciting news, their work will now be available worldwide with Willow Mile’s first single “Everything Happens For a Reason” being available on Spotify and other digital platforms starting on June 28th, 2019. A remarkable refreshing song, by all accounts, and a clear sign of what’s to come.

“In the past year we had around 27 house concerts around Israel and California, including a Sofar Sounds concert in San Diego,” commented Niv Kaikov from the band. “This will be our first single and we plan on releasing one a month culminating in our debut album.”

Willow Mile has a very interesting approach to creating music with one member living in Los Angeles and the other two staying in Tel Aviv, Israel, making it a true transatlantic musical experience, where practices can occur anytime 24-hours a day considering the time differences. The distance between bandmates is a shock to many, considering how naturally their sound blends together, with a feel that is purely organic and natural.

The inspiration for “Everything Happens For a Reason” was actually born from Willow Mile’s own personal, inspirational, experience. The chances of their band thriving AFTER they lived across the world from each other would probably be judged by many as slim. But that’s exactly what life has handed them. And now the impressive musical trio, live the example of “Everything Happens For a Reason” every day as they create music that fulfills their creative urge as much as it wins over old and new fans alike.

All the links to order “Everything Happens for a Reason” as well other information about Willow Mile can be found at their official website www.willowmile.com. Music bloggers and media who would like to do interviews or a piece on the trio are encouraged to reach out.

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About Willow Mile

Formed by Niv Kaikov, Anat Ben Hemo, and Matan Amit, Willow Mile is a captivating and refreshing harmonic trio band. The three combine their voices to create a magical and magnetizing compound, which you just can’t stop listening to. Niv, Anat and Matan met 11 years ago and played individually in different bands and projects, but all the while the idea of doing something together was slowly taking shape.

In 2017, while residing in two opposite sides of the world, they finally decided to do what their hearts felt was long overdue, embarking on a journey that was awaiting and walk the mile…. The Willow Mile.

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