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An Amazing Journey Across Siberia of Medical Protective Suits Donated by Taiwan Doctors (Source: Agenda 21st century Taiwan)

Industry: Medical

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) May 27th, 2020

After an amazing journey, medical protective suits donated by doctors from Taiwan’s Veterans General Hospital and animal rescue group Rolling Baby finally arrived at the Ulyanovsk Clinic Center in Russia on the afternoon May 26. A virtual meeting was held right after the protective suits were received.

This donation was initiated by Russian illustrator Katya Molodtsova, who had generously given her paintings of Leopard Cats to Taiwan in 2019 to help save the endangered animals in Taiwan. In March, she drew Leopard Cats wearing mouth masks to support Taiwan’s efforts of controlling the Covid-19. Later when the pandemic turned severe in Russia, people in Taiwan worried their friends in Russia. They approached Dr. Henrich Cheng(鄭宏志) and his team for the donation of medical materials that Russia was in need of.

Dr. Henrich Cheng is a specialist of Neurosurgery and is aware of the necessity of international medical cooperation under this dire situation. Through the Rolling Baby and Katya Molodtsova, medical teams from Taiwan and Russia began the long journey of delivering medical materials to the frontline healthcare givers in Russia. Considering these medical materials are still in need in Taiwan, the first batch of protective suits was acquired in China and delivered by Mr. Tson to Ulyanovsk Hospital among other health institutes in Russia. After overcoming all the difficulties, the protective suits finally arrived on the afternoon of May 26(Taipei time). Once the suits arrived, Russian medical team called an online meeting with Taiwanese team, together with the staff of Rolling Baby.

Dr. Svetlana Alexandrovna Suvorova first expressed their gratitude to Taiwan, and these materials would greatly assist their tasks in controlling the pandemic. Although pneumonia treatment is not the focus of the Ulyanovsk Hospital, it belongs to the system of national medical policy and is one of the assigned institutes of the pandemic control. During the virtual meeting, medical teams from Taiwan and Russia exchanged their experience of the tasks. Dr. Henrich Cheng briefed the key factors of the Covid-19 control in Taiwan and the solidarity between medical healthcare givers all over the world.

Medical Director of Ulyanovsk Hospital Dr. Vyacheslav Vitalievich Vakhovskiy was greatly moved by this unusual cooperation of several parties. He said it was hard to imagine these medical protective suits had traveled across Siberia to their hands. But it was the Taiwan mentality he had learned— Keeping their promise to help friends with their best efforts. As early as this donation was initiated in the beginning of April, the impact of Covid-19 to Russia was still slight, but as it turned worse and service of cross-border delivery stopped, any civic delivery through Europe or Asia continents became extremely difficult. Fortunately, after friends from Taiwan and China exhausted all means, Mr. Tson from China decided to have people carrying the materials and traveling from Mudanjiang City from China to the port city Vladivostok in Russia first in order to break through the border control.

During the virtual meeting, Director Vakhovskiy, Dr. Suvorova and Dr. Cheng also exchanged their opinions about the development of test kits and vaccines, and many health experts joined the meeting during the heating discussions.  Russian artist Katya Molodtsova, one of the initiators of this action also joined the meeting to express her support of frontline healthcare staff in both Russia and Taiwan. An atmosphere of friendship and solidarity filled the meeting and touched every attendee despite it being an online meeting.

When Dr. Suvorova opened the package and took out the protective suits, all the frustration and anxiety the teams ever had experienced over the past months finally melted down. It is an amazing story created together by friends from Taiwan, Russia and China.

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