An American Made Christmas: Creating Jobs While Shopping For The Holidays

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Pennsylvania, USA (PRUnderground) November 23rd, 2016

The Made in America Movement announces the publication of PURE AMERICAN MAGAZINE – THE HOLIDAY ISSUE, a digital and interactive magazine where shoppers can click on the product within the magazine, and they will be taken directly to the brands’ site for easy shopping. Consumers will find a selection of Made in USA brands along with brand stories, reviews, tips and some tasty recipes, including one for how to make homemade dog food out of holiday leftovers!

Celebrate the holidays in style while supporting American jobs. The National Retail Federation estimates the average American will spend $700 during the holidays this year for a season total of $465 billion. That money alone could create 4.6 million jobs if spent entirely on Made in USA products. According to “World News with Diane Sawyer”, if only 10% of this budget were spent on American-made goods, the result would be over 200,000 new jobs here at home.

In 1985, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed December as our National Made in America Month. Let’s make this a truly “Made in America Christmas”.

What great American-Made products are on your shopping list? Get inspired to add some more with PURE AMERICAN. Share your copy of PURE AMERICAN with your family and friends to encourage them to buy American.

MAM hopes that the message of “Buying American Made” will empower and inspire people to make positive changes, both small and large. Therefore reminding us that “we are in this together” to help create American jobs by supporting businesses and entrepreneurs that invest in American ingenuity, hard work and perhaps above all, the American people.

To build on the MAM philosophy of voting for America with your wallets and putting America to work, we’ve created the PURE AMERICAN MAGAZINE platform as a convenient source to help you find American Made brands and connect you with their stories. This is a good way to show patriotism, and a great opportunity to invest in American brands all year long.

“Let’s unite American voices, and put America to work” declares Margarita Mendoza, Founder & CEO of The Made in America Movement. If you are an American business (maker or service provider) we encourage you to take advantage of our MAM Membership. Anyone interested in joining forces in helping to rebuild America is encouraged to become a MAM Ambassador within their community.

What do you say, America? We say “Spend it where you earn in, and Buy American.”

About The Made in America Movement

The Made in America Movement was founded, and launched, in 2010. Their mission is to educate consumers on the importance of purchasing products with the “Made in USA” label. MAM is the nation’s leading organization committed to American Manufacturing, Education, Veterans, and celebrating American-made brands, and manufacturers who are keeping their manufacturing, and production, in the USA. They currently have over 300 members and sponsors located all over the United States.

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