An Inquiry Into Anomalous Experiences & The Phenomenon

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An Inquiry Into Anomalous Experiences & The Phenomenon

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An Intimate One-Day Conference In NYC Feat. Dr. Garry Nolan, Mitch Horowitz, and more.

New York City, NY (PRUnderground) September 30th, 2022

On October 8, 2022, scholars and researchers will gather in the heart of New York City for an intimate, one-day conference entitled An Inquiry Into Anomalous Experiences & The Phenomenon. While topics related to the paranormal have typically been dismissed by the scientific community, emerging research in the realms of consciousness and the nature of our reality—as well as the stunning admission by the U.S. government that the UFO phenomenon is real—have opened new and revelatory portals of inquiry into this once opaque field.

The lineup of speakers at this event embodies the multidisciplinary nature of the research being conducted at this intersection of the known and the unknown. Dr. Garry Nolan, the Rachford and Carlota A. Harris Professor in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Stanford University School of Medicine, will share the stage with lauded occult author, Mitch Horowitz; Darren King (AKA ExoAcademian) of the Point of Convergence Podcast; Dr. Tim Grieve-Carlson, Assistant Professor in the Department of Religion and Philosophy at Westminster College; and Dr. Sean Esbjörn-Hargens, Dean of Integral Education and Integral Noetic Sciences Program Director at The California Institute for Human Sciences.

Organized and hosted by James Iandoli of the Engaging The Phenomenon podcast, and Jay Christopher King of The Experiencer Group, this event will be the first of a series of one-day conferences on the topic of the phenomenon to feature the top thinkers, writers, and researchers in the field of anomalous experiences.

“At this event, we part the curtain on what we’re expected to believe—and demonstrate where it comes from and why to look thrice,” says author Mitch Horowitz. “I’ll be speaking on the fallacy of conspiracist thinking that has made discomforting inroads into New Age, a culture that I value.”

For King, this discussion is one that he is proud to facilitate. “What these topics often come down to is looking at what the nature of reality really is. Many of us realize we’re missing something fundamental and important—some of us get glimpses of what those missing pieces might be. Bringing together brilliant, forward-thinking minds in these fields to discuss leading-edge research has been a dream of mine for years. It’s amazing to be able to make it happen in New York City, where I’ve contemplated these themes for over 20 years.”

The conference will be held at the Helen Mills Theater on 26th Street in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. In-person tickets for the events have already sold out, but a limited number of tickets for the livestream are still available.

If you are a member of the press and would like to attend this event and have the opportunity for a 5-10 min interview with our speakers, please contact Kelly Chase via email: . Press passes are extremely limited so please submit inquiries as soon as possible to be considered.

About An Inquiry Into Anomalous Experiences & The Phenomenon

An Inquiry Into Anomalous Experiences and The Phenomenon is the first of a series of intimate one-day conferences on the topic of anomalous studies to convene in New York City on October 8. Presented by The Experiencer Group and Engaging The Phenomenon, this one day conference seeks to address anomalous experiences and ”the phenomenon” from an array of perspectives including: advances in material sciences, neuroscience and perception to leading-edge journalism, consciousness and religious studies.

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