Animal Communicator Nancy Mello Has Helped 50+ Pets Fulfill Final Wishes and Cross the Rainbow Bridge

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Mello uses her intuition to help pet owners and pets connect on a whole new level

Mystic, CT (PRUnderground) August 10th, 2022

Nancy Mello is a highly intuitive person who uses her gifts to help others, and her specialty is communicating with pets. To date, she has helped more than 50 pets fulfill their bucket list and cross the Rainbow Bridge.

The Rainbow Bridge is a reference to the place where pets go when they die, and this is a place that Mello feels a special connection to. In her experience, her intuition and clairvoyant abilities shed insight into the thoughts and feelings of pets when they’re alive and when they’re dying, and helping pets pass into the Rainbow Bridge with no unfinished business is just as fulfilling for the pets as for their owners.

Mello helps pet owners with several types of readings, including missing pets, living and deceased pet readings, end of life readings. While she does offer readings to help people connect with deceased loved ones, Mello’s pet readings have become extremely popular with her clients.

“I first saw Nancy on TikTok,” said a recent client. “I knew at that moment I had to have a session. Nancy was spot on the entire session and my cats were speaking to her.”

Mello has more than just a few reviews and testimonials. In fact, she’s amassed hundreds of reviews on Google alone – all of which have earned Mello a cumulative 5-star rating.

She’s also been featured in a long list of publications, including an article in the Washington Post after helping a woman whose vehicle was stolen with her cat inside. By connecting with the cat, Willow, Mello was able to instruct her to get outside so she could be seen. Within an hour, Willow was found.

Mello is a regular on various podcasts and has conducted sessions with all sorts of pets, from cats and dogs to ferrets and beyond. Working with pets and their owners is deeply emotional for Mello, whose intuition and abilities put her highly in tune with the thoughts and feelings of those around her.

It’s these abilities that have allowed Mello to help pets and their owners find solace as they are passing. Mello has helped dozens of pets fulfill their final wishes and peacefully cross over the Rainbow Bridge, an act that, in turn, helps pet owners find peace.

Mello also specializes in helping pet owners learn to communicate with their pets and even offers a downloadable series on her website just for this.

She is currently accepting new clients for her services. More information can be found at

About Nancy Mello

Nancy Mello is an animal communicator, medium, and clairvoyant whose specialty is working with pets and people around the world.

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