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Another Formula 1 SB 427 Chevy Engine Fresh off the Dyno at Performance Unlimited

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Performance Unlimited are experts when it comes to race engine preparation. Their machine shop is fully equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and experienced engineers

York, UK (PRUnderground) February 10th, 2014

Performance Unlimited are based in York, UK. They are one of the UK’s most established distributors for leading US racing engine component manufacturers.

The company supplies race engine parts throughout Europe, and are official distributors for:

Total Seal, JE Pistons, Carrillo, Cometic, CP Pistons, Canton, ATI Performance, Milodon, Peterson Fluid Systems, Dart, Brodix, Dan Olson, Scat, Icon Pistons, Indy, Crower, Jesel Valve Train, Manley, TD, LA Sleeve and Darton Sleeve. They also supply other makes.

The latest engine fresh off the dyno is an SB 427. The SB427 chevy will be going into an F1 oval track car. Specifications can be seen on the video: An incredible 672hp and 610 ftlb!

The company also fully machine engine blocks. Dave Powell, explained the machining process to us. The first step involves loading the block into the Haas CNC for initial machining. The block is then placed into a larger oven. After the heat soak sleeves and fitted and pressure straps installed. The block is then placed back into the over, and later left to cool.

The block then undergoes decking and boring in the CNC. After the final machining the block is loaded into the Sunnen CK21 computer controlled honing machine with head gasket and torque plate installed where applicable. The honing stage is a multi-staged process and the surface finished tested with the companies Mitutoyo SF400 surface tester.

See the website for more information and click on news to see the race engine videos.



About Performance Unlimited

Performance Unlimited are distributors for high performance race engine components. They also have state-of-the-art race engine preparation facility to build and prepare engines for a range of motor sports

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