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Anouk Govil Featured in Blog on the Social Distancing Benefit That Comes with Kayaking

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Outdoor enthusiast Anouk Govil was recently featured in a blog article on why kayaking is the outdoor activity in a world where social distancing has become a core way of life around the world.

Norwalk, CT (PRUnderground) October 26th, 2020

In the blog, Govil, who said he enjoys spending time in the great outdoors, emphasizes that nature trips are an excellent way for people to keep busy amid strict lock-down and quarantine protocols during the global COVID-19 pandemic. However, even when people are outdoors, it would behoove them to keep adhering to social distancing standards, and kayaking makes this effortless to do.

According to Govil, during kayaking, participants can easily keep other people at least six feet away from them using their paddles alone. In addition, unlike biking or hiking, where several people must all share a single bike path or narrow trail, kayakers typically have large lakes or rivers to navigate. This further allows them to easily maintain safe distances from one another.

In the blog, Govil also highlights a wide variety of other benefits that kayak affords. For instance, people who kayak are exposed to the sun, which allows their skin to easily manufacture vitamin D. In addition, they can breathe in unpolluted, fresh air while also taking in the natural world’s unparalleled beauty.

Yet another benefit of kayaking that is highlighted in the recent article is that kayaking can be an excellent way to get in shape. During the past several times, many individuals have unfortunately led sedentary lives due to quarantining. However, through kayaking, they can strengthen their bodies and boost their oxygen and blood circulation.

Kayaking also offers the perk of being an excellent sport for people of virtually any age, according to Govil. All in all, Govil’s goal with the blog is to encourage more people to tap into the mental, physical, and emotional benefits of kayaking for themselves in the weeks ahead.

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