Anton Paar and Covalent Metrology Announce Broad Collaboration, Silicon Valley Demo Showroom

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Suite of new instruments to be placed at Covalent’s Sunnyvale, CA facility

Sunnyvale, CA (PRUnderground) December 10th, 2019

Anton Paar


Anton Paar, a leading manufacturer of laboratory and process instrumentation, has selected Covalent Metrology to be the home of its new Silicon Valley demo showroom.

Anton Paar joins other industry leaders in selecting Covalent as a partner for their Silicon Valley demo showroom and applications lab. Collaboration with Covalent provides instrument manufacturers significant customer traffic, as well as access to Covalent’s diverse and experienced technical staff for demos and system improvement advice.

Several Anton Paar instruments will initially be installed at Covalent:

  • Tosca 400 Atomic Force Microscope – The Tosca 400 from Anton Paar facilitates AFM analysis with an easy to use, streamlined workflow. The Tosca 400 also includes the Probemaster, an innovation developed by Anton Paar to simplify cantilever exchange.
  • MCR302 Modular Compact Rheometer – The MCR 302 provides outstanding versatility, enabling users to measure material rheological properties, powder flow and tribology.
  • SurPASS 3TMElectrokinetic Analyzer (Surface Charge and Zeta Potential) – SurPASS 3 provides direct analysis of surface zeta potential, allowing for measurements such as determination of adsorption kinetics and characterization of an adsorbed surface layer.
  • PSA 1190 Particle Size Analyzer (PSA) – The PSA 1190 measures a wide range of particle sizes, both liquid suspension and as dry powders. Extreme accuracy and repeatability are enabled by the PSA 1190’s alignment-free operation.
  • LitesizerTM 500 light scattering system for nanoparticle analysis – The Litesizer 500 determines particle size, zeta potential, and molecular mass. The Litesizer 500 is the only DLS-based particle analyzer that performs a straightforward measurement of a sample’s refractive index and transmittance.

Anton Paar USA CEO Reinhard Eberl believes this partnership to be a perfect match. “Covalent’s complete commitment to data integrity and customer service, along with its top-notch facilities and scientists, make this a very exciting development,” he says. “Anton Paar and Covalent both prioritize precise, innovative measurement, and this new collaboration should prove highly beneficial for both companies. We could not be more excited.”

Craig Hunter, CEO of Covalent stated, “Anton Paar is a recognized world leader with a proud history and a reputation for engineering outstanding analytical instruments. We believe this partnership will help each company both grow revenues and improve technical capabilities. We are thrilled to have been selected and look forward to a fruitful relationship.”

About Anton Paar USA

Anton Paar USA is a subsidiary of the Graz, Austria-based Anton Paar. Anton Paar is the world’s premier manufacturer of measuring and analytical instrumentation used by laboratories and manufacturers during both research and development and quality control. Founded in 1922, Anton Paar now has subsidiaries in 31 different countries across the world.

Since the beginning of 2018, Anton Paar USA has expanded its USA operations to include four regional offices, with full sales and laboratory operations now taking place in Torrance, California, Houston, Texas, and Chicago, Illinois, while the main Anton Paar USA headquarters remains in Ashland, Virginia.

For further information, contact:

Jeff Linka
Anton Paar USA
Tel 804.550.1051

About Covalent Metrology Services, Inc.

Covalent Metrology is a new and innovative provider of imaging and characterization services to support R&D, defect analysis, and quality control for companies in the semiconductor, solar, medical device, MEMS and other industries. More information on characterization services offered by Covalent Metrology is available at

Covalent Metrology was founded in 2016 and is based in Sunnyvale, California. Its mission is to help companies who use advanced materials to get better data and insight about key research, development and production programs faster, more easily and less expensively. Covalent has already worked with more than 250 customers from over twenty industries and is growing at more than 30% each quarter.

For further information, contact:

Warren Wong
Covalent Metrology
Tel: 408.498.4611

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