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London, UK (PRUnderground) September 23rd, 2019

The U.K. investment firm Apollo Investment Management is honoured to help clients choose the proper Individual Savings Account (ISA) for their needs.

To do so demands a true reckoning of their current financial situation and examination of their future needs. There are a variety of ISAs available that can fit the financial circumstances of most people.

The tax-free benefits of an ISA are widely understood. An ISA is meant to build savings for future major purchases or to augment retirement earnings. The longer an individual has to do that dictates their particular investment path.

“Choosing the correct ISA means sitting down with someone knowledgeable in the field and really digging into your current financial reality and your long-term goals,” says a Director at Apollo. “They are a commitment move, so real planning should occur as part of the decision-making process.”

One subtle aspect of ISAs are that the “savings” in their name does not simply refer to traditional low-risk savings accounts. Although that is one way to invest with an ISA, more assertive investment strategies in the equity markets are also possible.

The simplest ISA is the Basic type. There are two Basic ISA paths, “cash” and “stocks and shares.”

The first is akin to a traditional savings account where monies earn interest, with rates finally beginning to creep up as the after-effects of the financial crisis dissipate.

The latter put money into bonds and shares that, thanks to the ISA “wrapper,” will not be subject to capital gains tax.

A Junior fund is primarily for education savings by parents, with the fund passing to the child when they reach age 16 (though withdrawals can’t be made until they are 18). 

With an Inheritance ISA the savings of a deceased spouse — who has died since December 3, 2014 — can be passed onto their still living husband, wife, or civil partner. 

Introduced in April of 2016, the Innovative Finance ISA allows for investment in the Peer-to-Peer lending market, which makes capital available directly without any role played by traditional financial institutions. This is a still-developing market and is riskier than more traditional savings vehicles, but is one that has been gaining popularity.

Designed for creating a deposit for first-time homebuyers, the Help To Buy ISA is a fairly conservative savings-type account. Meant to operate over a shorter term than an account for retirement, the big bonus of a Help To Buy ISA is that the U.K. government will add 25 per cent (up to £3,000) when it is cashed out to purchase a first home.

As the name implies, a Flexible ISA gives savers a little more elasticity with their funds. Money taken out of a Flexible ISA can be returned in the same year without penalty. In other words, funds can be withdrawn for short-term cash needs and, if reinvestments are made promptly, there is no financial consequence.

Finally, launched in 2017, Lifetime ISAs are aimed at younger people and meant to inspire savings. It incorporates an annual governmental top-up of 25 per cent — until the account holder is age 50 — though the money can’t be withdrawn until the account holder is age 60 (or the monies are used to purchase a first home). This vehicle is really only appropriate for people under age 40 with very clear long-term goals.

“Tailoring bespoke investment portfolios that serve our clients interests is what we do here at Apollo,” explains the Director at Apollo. “We would love to sit down with anyone who is contemplating their long-term investment needs.”

A company fully compliant with Financial Conduct Authority regulations, Apollo Investment Management builds portfolios for customers that help them pursue and meet their financial requirements.

DisclaimerPlease consult a registered investment advisor before making any investment. The news site hosting this press release is not associated with Apollo Investment Management . It is merely publishing a press release announcement submitted by a company, without any stated or implied endorsement of the product, service, statements, or opinions. This is not a solicitation.

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