App launch: Yoga emoji keyboard, YOGOJI, sends smartphone users to digital nirvana

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Two billion modern Yogis can now express their inner guru, thanks to YOGOJI, the smartphone keyboard app with over 400 gorgeous, yoga, health and fitness related emojis.

Melbourne, Australia (PRUnderground) August 9th, 2016

Ireland Digital today unveiled its new, yoga themed keyboard app for smartphones, YOGOJI. YOGOJI includes more than 400 yoga, fitness, health and wellbeing icons, which can be inserted into text messages or emails.

The app was inspired by Hip Hop Yoga, a popular offshoot of the ancient eastern practice. YOGOJI’s creator, Heidi Ireland, rehabilitated a back injury while undertaking the classes and decided to train as a teacher.

“I had just taken my teacher training course and wanted to notate a pose sequence for class. The only options were to write out the names of each pose, or draw them. I didn’t have the time or inclination for either. An app just seemed a natural fit,” Ms. Ireland said.

One of the yoga app‘s unique features is its Sequence Notepad. This enables students and teachers to notate sequences of poses, with the tap of a finger. YOGOJI also shows the English and Sanskrit names for each pose, assisting recall.

The yoga emojis themselves can easily be copied and pasted into text messages and emails, giving users a fun way to express what they’re doing and feeling. “It’s part learning aid and partially for self-expression and fun,” Ms. Ireland said.

YOGOJI might be a product of the technical age, but its roots are in timeless wisdom. “It’s about bringing an attitude of creative playfulness to yoga and remembering not to take the practice so seriously that we forget to smile and be present in the moment.”

YOGOJI groups poses (asana) by category (e.g. Standing, Sitting, Back Bend or Inversion) and then within that category, by level of difficulty, making the notation of sequences that flow, easy.

In addition to the icons of various yoga poses, YOGOJI also includes icons of fruit, yoga apparel and accessories, new age symbols and speech bubbles with yoga-related phrases.

“My aim is for YOGOJI to bring some lighthearted, creative ways for yoga devotees to communicate and connect with one another,” Ms. Ireland says.

The iOS version of YOGOJI is now available now on the App Store. An Android version is currently in development and will be released soon.

RELEASE DATE: 09 August 2016
PLATFORM: iOS9+ iPhone 5 and above

PRICE: AUD $2.99 / USD $1.99 / GBP £1.49


Serving a global market of 2 billion modern Yogis, YOGOJI is a smartphone keyboard which lets you express your inner guru by customising texts/emails with yoga related emoji-style icons. Packed with over 400 gorgeous yoga, health and wellbeing icons, YOGOJI doesn’t just massively ramp up the fun factor of texting and emailing for yoga-lovers, it also has a host of features to help students and teachers deepen their practice. Find out more at

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