Applied Excellence Springs From Sales Pro University to Support the Value Found in People & Any Company’s Culture

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Online training and Coaching company expansion focuses on the importance of supporting a culture of excellence in business and personal development.

San Diego, CA (PRUnderground) July 21st, 2020

Any venture is only as strong as its people, and people are only as strong as their integrity.  Sound simple? If it were, everything personally and professionally would be booming.  Launched to dive deeply into exactly what makes a person, and a company culture tick, The Sales Pro University, who recently pivoted to Applied Excellence has now expanded its offering to focus on company progression in addition to people development.  Offering a comprehensive array of Microlearning online personal development, leadership, sales and business certification courses to consultancy and coaching on identifying a company’s why, values, value proposition, and differentiation – the new site is a powerhouse for productivity.

Paul Anderson, consultant and founder of Applied Excellence, said, “The culture of your company, or your story, cannot be underestimated because it’s where your value lies.  Ultimately, it’s why people engage with you. We’re out to show you how to realize personal potential and/or increase sales revenue. With valued, productive people at the center, everything gets better.”

This comes at a most opportune time.  There is a new heightened awareness to the reaction of mental and emotional stress, instigated most recently by the Pandemic.  This was closely followed by the world protests in support of racial equality. As a result, employees are now thinking, and some are asking, “How safe am I at the office?” and “Is my office a fair and respectful workplace or is there bias I need to deal with?”

“At an individual, team, and company level, having an authentic appreciation for another person’s perspective, and acknowledging their world view is the answer.  Put with that the ability to remain genuinely empathetic for their situation, fully understanding the meaning behind the message they are communicating, and most importantly, focusing on how to add value in support of helping their life progression will be critical to achieving outstanding, longterm success.  Applied Excellence is here to help you with those goals,” Anderson adds.

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Paul Anderson

Founder, Applied Excellence


About Applied Excellence

Applied Excellence is an evolution of The Sales Pro University that focuses on strategic company progression and people development.

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