ARC Market Study Tracks Adoption of Cloud Application Platforms with IoT and Impact on Industrial Innovation

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New ARC Advisory Group research on Cloud Application Platforms with IoT reveals the criticality of applying modern software methods for industrial innovation.

Dedham, MA (PRUnderground) July 23rd, 2020

New ARC Advisory Group research on Cloud Application Platforms with IoT reveals the criticality of applying modern software methods for industrial innovation.  Microservices-based software is a core concept of modern cloud application platforms, which are designed with opportunistic (and rapid) business/operational change as a key user benefit.  Platforms and their supporting digital technologies, such as the industrial internet of things (IIoT), machine learning, and digital twins, are likely growing into an adoption tipping point, accelerated by the vast disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Companies that use tools like cloud platforms simply have more technological firepower available to confront both competitive disruption and unforeseen market circumstances,” indicated Michael Guilfoyle, Vice President, Consulting at ARC Advisory Group and key author of ARC’s Cloud Application Platforms with IoT Global Market Research 2017-2022 report.  He added, “However, there are many ways these solutions are being packaged, priced, and offered, from pure Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) to outcome-based applications, now more common in industrial markets.  Making sense of the emerging platforms market is no easy task.”

About Cloud Application Platforms with IoT Research

This ARC research explores current market performance and related technology and business trends, identifies leading technology suppliers, and provides five-year global forecasts for the Cloud Application Platforms with IoT market.  This new research is based on ARC’s industry-leading market research database, extensive primary and secondary research, and proprietary economic modeling techniques.  The research includes competitive analysis, plus five-year market forecasts by region, facility type, revenue category, configuration type, and customers.

This new research is available in a variety of formats to meet the specific research and budgetary requirements of a wide variety of organizations.  These include a:

  • Market Intelligence Workbook (Excel) – personalized spreadsheet includes current base year market data and five-year market forecast.  This workbook enables licensed users to freely manipulate the data to make it easier to analyze the latest data for business intelligence and generate custom reports.
  • Concise Market Analysis Report (PDF) – provides an executive-level summary of the current market dynamics, market forecasts, and competitive analysis, plus an overview of strategic issues.  The PDF is available with or without detailed charts.

For more information on this and other available ARC market research, go to

About ARC Advisory Group

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