Architectsgames Launches Strategic Building Board Game 'Pyramid in the Garden’ on Indiegogo

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On March 19, Architectsgames exclusively launches its board game 'Pyramid in the Garden’ on Indiegogo

Seoul, Korea (PRUnderground) March 19th, 2019

‘Pyramid in the Garden’ is an innovative strategic building board game developed independently by Architectsgames. The game’s objective is for each player to build a pyramid by combining colors and puzzle shapes of stones with simple rules.

Additionally, the game deviates from the commonly depicted rough, barren image of Egypt by setting the stage with pyramids in a garden, adding to the unique concept of the game.

‘Pyramid in the Garden’ is a family board game for 2 to 4 players, and the game playtime is around 50 to 60 minutes.

In the game, each player becomes a stonemason that secretly creates a pyramid for the nobility. Each stonemason must create a own pyramid depending on their mission card while competing with other players to earn points and money through various activities. These include taking the first turn through the action board used every turn, selecting additional mission cards, selecting worker cards, and other competitive activities.

Players construct their own pyramids based on their mission card, and completed pyramids receive points. These points are combined with each player’s money at hand to tally up the final points. The stonemason with the most points becomes the winner taking the highest honor, fame, and riches.

Architectsgames releases its first game exclusively through Indiegogo.

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About Architectsgames

Architectsgames company is a creative board game company,the first edition is the ”pyramid in the garden.”

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