Armstrong Innovations Debuts Oculus Go App for Relaxation

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‘Escape’ features virtual getaways designed to soothe the mind

Houston, TX (PRUnderground) June 19th, 2020

Armstrong Innovations has officially announced the launch of their latest pioneering app, ‘Escape’. The new app has been designed to be reminiscent of stereoscopes from the 1800s and viewmaster toys popularized once more in the 60s and following decades. With ‘Escape’, these beloved stereoscopic toys get a modern makeover.

‘Escape’ is only available for Oculus Go, offering a VR app designed to inspire relaxation. It can be used as a standalone way to relax or in tandem with other relaxation techniques, such as meditation. Armstrong Innovations began developing the app in January 2019 and completed ‘Escape’ in March 2020.

Instead of just one app, ‘Escape’ will offer various apps to give users varying experiences. For example, ‘Escape: Roma’ immerses Oculus Go users in an old world-inspired pool side lounge while ‘Escape: Utopia’ brings users to outer space with views into space from a space station.

According to Derek Armstrong, founder and CEO at Armstrong Innovations, “Our new app, ‘Escape’, is all about providing relaxing sights and sounds without being complicated. It’s so easy to just pop on your Oculus headset, open the app, and zone out or relax for a few minutes. It’s a quick getaway without having to physically go anywhere.”

Armstrong Innovations is focused on creating engaging gamified experiences. For example, the company routinely releases music packs for game development and is looking to develop interactive Alexa Skills. The company is thrilled to release a new array of Oculus Go experiences that will ease the minds, spirits, and bodies of people around the world.

Product keys for ‘Escape’ can be purchased online now at for $1.99.

About Armstrong Innovations

Armstrong Innovations is a Houston, Texas, based industrial design company that aims to create the ideal future with technology.

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