Arslan Mehboob Pakistani youngest Digital Google Certified & Journey With Celebrities

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Arslan Mehboob Digital Marketing Google certified expert in Pakistan Asia also managing International and local celebrities.

Lahore, Pakistan (PRUnderground) September 1st, 2020

Arslan Mehboob from Lahore Pakistan passed his first Google Advertisement certification at the age of 15 he started his career while his studies in school. Also managing his father business named by Parusenterprises & Nenotec Ltd based in Pakistan, China, United Kingdom

We consider that Arslan Mehboob as a digital marketing expert & entrepreneur at a very young 15 years. He works as a freelancer also said that he’s a phone is his office as well in the pandemic time nowadays due to COVID 19 world is the move to digital he’s managing Asian biggest celebrities like Veena Malik and other high profile celebrities and news & entertainment channels as well

Arslan Mehboob also running a magazine named My Magazine theme based on liberalism and having a digital marketing agency named Digital Bee Media. Digital Bee Media company manages celebrities and all over digital and official affairs as well. He’s working with more than 388 Big multinational companies  and brands. Now he’s studying at Beaconhouse National University in Theatre  Film and Television (TFT) department he left his SMC department as he knows digital marketing since in school time

Now Arslan Mehboob in the age of 20 a digital marketing expert, filmmaker, and artist, Business Management expert, communication expert.

Experts say Digital Marketing is the backbone of any big brands and companies.

A single man army Arslan Mehboob running so many things at the moment our youth should follow by our talented hero’s and support them like Arslan Mehboob.

My Magazine is based on liberal he’s a vision to showcase the world difference between beautiful fashion and vulgarity because usually, people didn’t know the difference mostly in the Asia United Kingdom and headquarters based in Lahore Pakistan

Digital Bee Media Mission to provide the best international standard services in Asian which is very rarer in this era also managing celebrities. Events management, digital marketing services, ads campaigns management and so on and it’s based in the United Kingdom and headquarters based in Lahore Pakistan

During this all he didn’t get any time of support from his family friend  he’s the self-financed personality he’s family give moral supports he’s also consider that behind every success there are parents after all everyone wishes that all parents should be like Arslan Mehboob’s parents to make Country and family proud.He consider his father Sheikh Kashif Mehboob as his mentor.

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