Artificial Intelligence from Dubb Gives Marketers a Leg Up

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New Technology Can Generate Ideas to Turn Prospects Into Customers

Valencia, CA (PRUnderground) March 28th, 2023

Dubb, a video communications platform that helps build relationships, now gives marketers the power of Artificial Intelligence to help them conceive and execute effective communications campaigns. The new patent-pending Interactive Reaction Assistant (IRA™) uses technology from Open AI, ChatGPT and Dubb’s own AI technology to make generating leads and converting prospects to customers as easy as typing a question.

Available to all Dubb subscribers, IRA™ is intuitive enough to allow queries in plain-speak, and to reply with simple, easy-to-digest answers or even bullet lists of suggestions. Subscribers can use it to brainstorm marketing ideas, conduct research, and even write complete blog posts.

“We believe IRA™ will be a marketer’s best friend, said Ruben Dua, founder and CEO of Dubb. “Now, not only can you use Dubb to create highly engaging videos that speak directly to clients and prospects, you can gain instant, actionable ideas on what to record and how best to share those videos and other marketing content.”

Relying on a wealth of information gathered from the Web and the user community, IRA™ is ready to deliver what you need, when you need it. For example, type or verbally ask, “How to generate more high quality leads for my real estate business using video” and IRA™ will return a number of suggestions, such as “Create a series of videos highlighting recently closed transactions and testimonials,” or “Create explainer videos answering common questions about the home buying/selling process.”

Or, if you ask “How to generate high quality leads from a podcast,” you’ll find results including such tips as “Leverage podcast episodes to create blog posts, social media posts, or press releases to increase visibility.”

IRA™ is also ready with facts and statistics. If you ask for “research on how video can assist with learning,” you might find data from the U.S. Department of Education or a survey result on student engagement when learning from video vs. other forms of instruction.

Once marketers have a plan of attack, IRA™ can even help them execute it, creating entire blog posts on a desired topic. But while handy, that should serve as a jumping-off point.

“Google’s algorithms can usually detect whether content was created by AI,” Dua noted. “But users can take the AI text and adapt it, expand on it, or otherwise use it as the basis for more original content that will benefit their audiences.”

The Interactive Reaction Assistant is available to subscribers now.

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