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Artist and Web Developer Franky Aguilar Winning Praise as the “Banksy” of Las Vegas

Industry: Art

A successful graduate of the Silicon Valley tech world Franky Aguilar is an artist at heart. That spirit is finding full expression in his new home of Las Vegas, to the joy of locals.

Las Vegas, NV (PRUnderground) December 28th, 2019

There’s a certain preconceived notions held by many that an artist needs to be starving for most of their life to be legit. Ultra-successful Bay Area web developer turned Las Vegas artist Franky Aguilar is living proof this is definitely not always true. Making a shift in focus in his very interesting life Aguilar has made creating Banksy-like art as his top priority, with web developing and business put on a back burner. With that he has picked Las Vegas as his new home base, a city that has embraced his art and free spirit with open arms. And the feeling is mutual.

“I knew I wanted to get into the art world, but I knew it wasn’t as simple as just painting something cool. You have to approach it from a certain way,” commented the high-energy artist. “When you think of Shepard Fairey or big artists like Rob Kaz or Tristan Eaton, you think of New York City and Los Angeles. But when you think of Las Vegas, who pops up? No one. I want to be that person.”

The Franky Aguilar-style of art is bright, boisterous and fun, all things that fit in well with the evolving ethos of the new Las Vegas. This has helped his profile grow, along with his being able to help spread the word with his past-lives well developed marketing intuition.

A huge part of this marketing approach has been the skillful use of the newish platform Tiktok which specializes in short videos. Franky’s art instruction has become quite a viral success (with followers loving his unique Bay accent) and following him over to YouTube for longer videos showcasing his work and personality.

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About Franky Aguilar

Franky Aguilar (frankynines) is a multidisciplinary artist and mobile developer based in downtown Las Vegas, Nevada. His creative works span across many artistic fields of design, from digital illustration to hand painted works of art.

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