As Automation Sweeps the HR Field, PrincePerelson Commits to High-Touch Service

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Salt Lake City employment agency stands firm on commitment to provide clients with personal touch in spite of industry trends toward artificial intelligence

Salt Lake City, UT (PRUnderground) February 24th, 2020

As people drive to save time and resources by automating more aspects of life, artificial intelligence is making inroads in even the most people-centered industries, to include human resources. But although Utah-based recruiter PrincePerelson is embracing some trends that deliver better results for their clients, they are standing firm on a number of services that they believe are best delivered by people.

PrincePerelson & Associates is among the best-known staffing firms in Utah, helping people find or fill temporary and full-time positions in a wide variety of industries. With over 25 years of connecting job seekers and employers in the Greater Salt Lake area, the company has a deep understanding of the Utah business scene and long-standing industry connections that allow them to fill top roles quickly.

The HR world has been abuzz with news over different ways to incorporate AI into the industry in the past couple of years. A Littler’s 2018 Annual Employer survey showed that nearly half of employers use AI and advanced data analytics for finding top talent and hiring. And last year, IBM developed an AI application that they claimed could predict with 95% accuracy which workers are about to quit their jobs.

But even as the buzz around AI builds, some experts maintain that many employers are losing a taste for machine work and finding that the loss of human touch is negatively affecting their job force.

In a recent issue of Recruiting Brief, an influential publication in the HR industry, a Principal Analyst at Lighthouse Research and Advisory, Ben Eubanks, emphasized the expansion of the human side of work, asserting that “AI and automation are losing their luster for some employers.”

Jill Perelson, CEO and Founder of PrincePerelson, has been watching carefully as the HR industry learns how to leverage automation smartly. But while her company prides itself in incorporating technology to improve efficiency, she has issued a firm commitment to clients to leave automation out of arenas where there is no substitute for human-to-human contact.

“One of the things that separates us from the competition is our personal touch and passion for changing people’s lives,” said Perelson. “While technology is good for things like scheduling interviews and executing background checks, we leave the bulk of the hiring and onboarding processes to our experienced staff.”

These processes include getting to know both employers and job seekers well so that they can match them appropriately, educating potential candidates about jobs, providing feedback after interviews, and conducting offers.

PrincePerelson employees average 10 years with the company, which Perelson said allows them to perform these tasks far better than a computer program could.

“No matter what they say about automation, there’s no substitute for the human element, especially in this industry,” said Perelson. “Making good employment matches boils down to really getting to know the capabilities and career goals of each job candidate as well as the culture and mission of the hiring companies.”

PrincePerelson said that they apply these high-touch philosophies to all different types of recruiting, whether it be non-profit recruiting, clerical, engineering, accounting, sales, customer service, marketing, or executive search.

To learn about PrincePerelson and their commitment to maintaining the human element in their staffing services, visit or call (801) 532-1000.

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With over two decades in business, PrincePerelson is a recruitment firm that understands the unique culture and business needs of their industry. They foster diversity in the workforce because they believe that diversity creates partnerships which provide opportunities that fuel the economy. The company has deep networks and long-standing industry connections, allowing them to find and fill top roles quickly.

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