Asher Laub’s "On The Road" Music Video Tells Compelling Story

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Music video available now on YouTube

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) March 5th, 2020

Breakthrough artist Asher Laub is back with a new music video for his melodic single, “On The Road.” You don’t want to miss the rising stardom of this breakdancing violinist, as he has been steadily gaining traction in the media with his new music.

“On The Road,” as depicted in the music video, tells the story of a boy who grows up on a farm, becomes best friends with a girl, and in his adolescence moves to the city to live the fast life. He quickly realizes a growing void, and a yearning to return home to the farm he missed so much and his best friend, who realizes he wants to spend the rest of his life with. As they get married and grow old together, he realizes how short and precious life is, and how he’s glad that he chose the path of happiness over the fast-paced lifestyle.

This is a song that Asher wrote from the depths of his heart reflecting upon how fast his life has progressed and how much he wants to hold on to every moment and cherish every relationship. “Choosing to live a meaningful life is all about finding personal happiness,” says Asher.  “But that can easily be overwhelmed by what others or society expect of us. It’s a challenge to understand how short the road we take really is until it’s too late.”

Asher’s mission is to show people that when the things that truly matter like personal fulfillment, family, love, and kindness are prioritized, and the little upsets, superficial arguments, greed, and other myopic ways of approaching life fall to the wayside, life becomes much more satisfactory.

You can watch the “On The Road” music video here. Follow Asher Laub on Instagram and check out his website for news and updates.

About Asher Laub

Asher began to learn classical violin at the tender age of two and performed with the Buffalo Philharmonic by age thirteen. Asher’s expertise in improvisation across multiple genres has led him to a career as a soloist in demand, performing at venues such as Madison Square Garden, Hammerstein Hall, Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall and across four continents. In 2014, Asher lived a musician’s nightmare when he confronted health issues that could potentially be life-altering. However, he saw this experience as an opportunity to reinvent himself to the high-energy contemporary violinist we see today. Asher blends popular tunes and break-dancing choreography into his performances which captivate his audience. Follow Asher Laub on Spotify to hear his latest releases.

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