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Aspiring Lawyer Menos Hiras Releases His Successful Blog for Busy Students to the Public for the First Time

Industry: Legal Services

Busy students who would like quick insights into how to navigate law school and sometimes complex or controversial law topics can now access a brand-new blog website created by aspiring lawyer Menos Hiras.

West Virginia (PRUnderground) February 3rd, 2020

Hiras said he recently released the microsite, which can be found at, to the public for the first time due to his passion to help students to delve into the sometimes-murky law field with confidence.

On the website, readers can learn about how to apply for law school, for example. Hiras explains on the microsite the factors that play a key role in getting students admitted to law school, such as stellar writing skills, solid academic achievements, strong recommendation letters from professors, and excellent interview preparation.

In addition, Menos Hiras uses the new microsite to teach students how to effectively prepare for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). For instance, students through the site can learn how to pace their LSAT study periods as well as successfully review past LSATs, which will give them an idea of what to expect from a future LSAT. According to Hiras, it may be beneficial to complete practice tests. This will allow students to learn how to pace themselves on each section so that they complete their tests on time.

Menos Hiras said he is passionate about taking courses and completing lessons to become a competent attorney in the future. According to Hiras, who is currently preparing to take the LSAT, the road to becoming a lawyer is not easy. In fact, it can be extremely frustrating, as law school is far more demanding than university life prior to law school is.

One of the biggest reasons why law school is so challenging, according to Menos Hiras, is that professors utilize the case method when teaching lessons. Getting used to discussing a number of cases in class can be frustrating at first, but students eventually master this. In addition, law schools generally use the Socratic method, which can intimidate students – especially beginning law students. However, those who master law school can eventually go on to build careers in this potentially lucrative and fulfilling field.

Hiras’s goal with his new website is to help students to understand how life in law school is and how they can fully take advantage of all of the benefits that law school has to offer. Through the website, readers can develop their knowledge of law school and law topics, as well as receive the inspiration they need to become successful lawyers in the years ahead.

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