atisfy, Owner of Game Marketing Genie Opens New Global Headquarters in Singapore

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atisfy, a data-driven technology company that powers brands to drive sales opens new APAC headquarters in Singapore. The company currently owns Game Marketing Genie.

Singapore, Singapore (PRUnderground) June 30th, 2020

atisfy, a data-driven technology company that owns global brands including Game Marketing Genie and Growth Marketing Genie and powers global brands to drive more sales through its innovative product offerings, has announced the launch of its new regional headquarters in Singapore. Off the back of powerful growth in the past few years, the centre will strengthen its regional footprint to ensure greater proximity to clients and provide high-quality services and expertise to businesses in Asia Pacific (APAC).

“atisfy is growing rapidly in Australia, Singapore and India,” says Hersh Bhatt, CEO of atisfy. “Singapore offers unique business opportunities, and chances for businesses to grow. Our regional APAC presence will help us strengthen our relationship with existing clients while also building inroads into new markets that we’re excited to explore. Singapore’s strategic location, global connectivity and robust logistics ecosystem provide opportunities for us to develop new solutions and drive innovation for our clients.”

With the launch of their new APAC headquarters, atisfy has recently announced its next generation influencer marketing products – atisfyreach™ and atisfyre™ – that are set to revolutionize the influencer marketing industry. The all-in-one advanced influencer marketing platform atisfyreach™ will enable atisfy’s enterprise customers to reach new audiences, increase brand awareness, and boost their marketing ROI and bottom line through the power of Influencer marketing. Influencers themselves will be able to use atisfyre™ to get in touch with brands, stipulate their terms and start creating contracts from brands across the world. atisfy was inspired to create their product due to the growing trend of ad blocking, and encourages brands to start thinking about influencer marketing as part of their future marketing strategies.

“Ad blocking adoption rates worldwide are growing 30% year over year. Brands must now think in new and innovative strategies to reach their consumers to stay ahead of the curve. We at atisfy have invented a novel way for businesses to reach an increasingly ad blocking market and the world in real-time,” stated Bhatt. “The launch of atisfy’s industry-leading influencer management platforms reiterates our commitment to work closely with companies to address digital disruption and implement effective digital marketing strategies that enables our customers to be relevant at all times, with consistent and fulfilling customer experiences.”

The real-time and AI-powered system will utilize an algorithm, atisfyreact to enable businesses to find the best influencers and create campaigns at a larger scale than is possible today with a self-serving platform. atisfy customers are able to measure influencer content across networks, and they can track and attribute actions driven as a result of that content to achieve brand objectives. It will even enable nano-influencers to focus on creating content that matches their audience and earn money by receiving paid jobs in real-time through an app available on both desktop and mobile. 

Currently in advanced stage of beta testing, atisfy will be rolling its platform to select customers in the coming months. To learn more about atisfyreach™, atisfyre™ and to book a demo, please visit for further details.

About atisfy

atisfy is a data-driven technology company that powers global brands to drive more sales on social media through its industry-leading and advanced influencer marketing platforms atisfyreach™ and atisfyre™. Brands can use atisfyreach™ to discover and collaborate with influencers on atisfyre™ to create trusted content and insights for customer journey touchpoints at scale. atisfy is headquartered in Singapore and has offices in Australia and India.
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