Atlanta Founder: Terrance Madry launches iCloudWalkers, a unique modeled B2M Health and Wellness startup!

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iCloudWalkers: An Innovative wellness company that creates wellness opportunities for both consumers and company sponsored Employee Wellness programs!

Atlanta, GA (PRUnderground) October 4th, 2022

Terrance Madry, a minority entrepreneur, has announced the official launch of his new startup iCloudWalkers, a wellness-oriented startup with a dynamic B2M model.

In this B2M (business-to-many) model, Madry and team at iCloudWalkers have created wellness opportunities for both individual consumers and employers alike. With the debut of their new EMS Foot Massager, iCloudWalkers demonstrates how its team flawlessly caters to the needs of both his consumer markets as well as employer wellness initiatives.

The iCloudWalkers EMS Foot Massager is a portable, microfiber foot massager pad designed to be breathable, gentle, and effective. It features simulated EMS pulses for improving conditions such as edema, leg muscle pain and stiffness, and more. The EMS Foot Massager offers 6 massage modes, 19 intensity levels, and a 15-minute timer and can be used daily.

Consumers can order the EMS Foot Massager directly from iCloudWalkers via their website. iCloudWalkers is offering the EMS Foot Massager directly to employers, people operations, talent and acquisition, and employee engagement teams.

Through iCloudWalkers: “Wellness While You Work’ program, employees can receive customized branded boxes delivered directly to their homes – including 1 EMS Foot Massager at no cost to them.

“I want to address the issue of low employee engagement, performance and effectiveness of company’s Employee Wellness programs” – Madry

Employers can schedule a no-obligation consultation now. Further information can be found at

About iCloudWalkers

iCloudWalkers is an Atlanta, Georgia, based company emphasizing personal wellness for consumers while also promoting proactive employee wellness at a corporate level through partnership programs.

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