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The Audacious Agency works with some of Australia’s most successful businesswomen and mothers, and we asked them for their tips on how to manage a business and still be a great parent.

Queensland, Australia (PRUnderground) October 27th, 2022

This is what we learned.

You’re In Charge, Set Your Time

Sharon Collon, the founder of The Functional Family, a company that provides support and practical strategies to parents of children with ADHD, says, “It wasn’t all easy going. When my first son was first diagnosed with ADHD, I desperately wanted support and coping strategies and found none. I wanted to know how to make life easier for our family. My husband had a terrible time growing up with ADHD, and I wanted to change the storyline for my 3 little boys. The Functional Family is everything I wish we had at the start of our ADHD journey.”

“Through having a demanding home environment and a company in rapid growth, I had to set firm boundaries. I learned that one of the best ways to balance work life and a family is to map out your week. You can review your calendar daily and set your work hours, because you’re in charge. If you treat your time as precious, you always have time for family.”

Be Clear About What’s In Your Control And What’s Not

Dream Gig, an Australia-exclusive Remote Work platform, was founded by Rachel Anagnostopoulos, and she says, “I started what I thought was a simple business that improved people’s life experience and careers! It’s easy to sink everything you have into work when it’s this important, but my big tip is this…”

“Learn to relax and accept your own circle of control. There are things we can do and things we can’t and it’s OK to put family first when deciding what you can and can’t get done at any given time. You can also set boundaries that keep your family insulated from the demands of work.”

You Don’t Need To Feel Guilty About Being A Parent First

Owner and Founder of Weigh Less With Jess, Jess Arroyo, built her weight loss business on the back of parenting when she gained weight during pregnancy and struggled to lose it afterwards.

She says, “Never feel guilty about putting your kids first, particularly if a business task can wait. You can always reschedule those tasks, but you can’t reschedule the sports carnival, and seeing your kids’ faces light up when they see you cheering them on. My success started from them and continues now for them, and there’s never a day when being a great parent isn’t more important than anything else you do.”

Let Go A Bit And Empower Others To Take Control

Vanessa Marrama, mum of two, is also the founder and online business manager of her business, Vanessa M Taking Care of Business.

Vanessa represents mums around the world as she champions their success by helping them build lasting systems for business efficiency and operations. She believes that empowering women, and mums in particular, is the key to unlocking their full potential.

She says, “A business can be like a child. I found it hard to let go of my first child when they went to school, and I had to surrender a little of my ‘parent’ role to the more than capable teachers. But this reluctance to let others in so that they can provide that much-needed support only leads to unnecessary pressure and stress.”

“When I clung to the control of my business, I realised I needed to learn from my parenting experiences. The way forward was not for me to do everything, but for me to trust and empower the people who work for me to deliver results based on what they enjoy doing and do best.”

“It wasn’t easy to start with, but it turned out fine. The results they provided were amazing, just like my child’s teachers brought for them. Businesses can’t grow without the input and support from others, and nor can our children.”

Involve Your Family

Skinnymixers’ Nikalene Riddle is a mum of two and proud holder of four AusMumpreneur of the Year awards!

She says the key to being a good mum and manager is to involve your family where possible.

“I started my business at my kitchen table, and it was great having my kids, and my mum, involved in the initial process. Skinnymixers is bigger than my wildest dreams now, but I still like to keep my family involved where I can.”

“When they feel included in your business, it’s easy for them to see their growth and your business growth as interconnected and super important to you as a parent.”

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