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Australia is home to some of the world’s most inspiring women. Women who see a challenge as an opportunity and are determined to make the most out of it.

Queensland, Australia (PRUnderground) October 27th, 2022

We spoke to five such women this week to ask them for advice for those considering following in their footsteps. This is what they told us.

Back Yourself

Sophie Musumeci, the founder of Real Entrepreneur Women, says, “All you need to do is back yourself. Remember why you want to start, and let your unique, amazing gifts loose!”

“All you need to do is START! Don’t worry about what anyone else is saying, doing or thinking. All that matters is that YOU stay true to the real you. Your unique offerings will match and inspire the perfect clients for YOU. The best is yet to come, gorgeous woman, and there is a whole community of like-minded women here to support your rise.”

And Sophie should know, she helps female coaches become the entrepreneurs that they’ve always wanted to be. She shows women that it’s possible to work less, earn more, and truly enjoy the opportunities that life puts in front of us.

She says working mothers are transforming the business landscape for the better, and she would strongly encourage every woman who wants to start a business to jump in and do so!

Don’t Be Afraid To Get Your Hands Dirty

“I love to be a little bit scrappy in how I launch things. You don’t need to spend a lot of money and never spend your life savings. You can find lean, economical, quick and easy ways to test ideas and businesses and bring them to life.” Says Sheree Rubinstein, the founder and CEO of One Roof.

Her personal mission is to close the gender gap in entrepreneurship, and she has welcomed 30,000 people to her online community, helped over 1,500 members in Australia, and delivered more than 1,000 masterclasses and networking events to do so!

She pivoted from a bricks and mortar business to an online one in the middle of the pandemic, and knows all about rolling up her sleeves to get the results she needs.

Build A Personal Brand

Nikki McLennan, the principal photographer of Lion & Cub Photography & Lioness Photography, has been running her business for 10 years. It’s her mission to photograph women at every stage of their lives, from boudoir to bumps to business portraits.

And Nikki knows how important superb visual imagery is to creating success. “Building a personal brand,” she says, “is the smartest thing you can do. If you want to stand out from the crowd, then let people know who you are with photos that make you shine. DIY iPhone selfies don’t cut it – invest in yourself and your brand, and you will not regret it.”

As a female entrepreneur, Nikki is at her best when helping other female-centric businesses make a splash, and she’s won several Creative AusMumpreneur awards for her work, as well as the winner for excellence in micro-business in the City of Sydney region. Her proudest achievement is winning the national photography category for Small Business Champions in September.

Be Unique

Award winner Amy Cadwallader, founder of ARKi Tribe Play couches, says “our brand purpose is to ignite the beauty of child’s play, by sparking imaginations in children of all abilities”.

As a brand strategist, Amy has always believed in taking the time to define who a brand is and what they believe in. “Finding that human truth that excites you will set you apart and better connect with your target audience. By understanding this, you can not only build a strong brand foundation, but also head in the direction of growth and success.

ARKI also won the National AusMumpreneur award as “The One to Watch” too.

Play To Your Strengths

Dr. Melody Jackson is the clinical director of Breastfeeding and Beyond. That’s a health and wellbeing hub dedicated to helping mums and families face the challenges they face in parenthood.

She says, “I am the only person in my geographic area with the skill set to do this. I can offer help far beyond breastfeeding, such as medical assessments, prescription services, and even psychological support.”

“By investing in myself, I have been able to offer something unique to women as they settle into their new role as a mother and succeed by playing to my strengths.”

It’s working too, Dr. Jackson recently won a gold award from AusMumPreneur!

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