Automation Workz Institute launched BECOME A CYBERSECURITY HERO to Attract Blacks to Industry

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Ida Byrd-Hill, Founder & CEO of Automation Workz Institute, believes hackers are contrarian thinkers, out maneuvering status quo. “To survive institutional racism, Blacks became contrarian thinkers as well, making them perfect candidates as cybersecurity professionals."

Detroit, MI (PRUnderground) July 12th, 2020

Automation Workz Institute is launched BECOME A CYBERSECURITY HERO campaign with Andrea (pronounced AN-DREY-A), a Black woman superhero with billboards posted in Detroit with National  ads on Pandora, iHeart Radio and TuneIn.

Ida Byrd-Hill  seeks to attract African American adults attend Automation Workz Institute to become a cybersecurity hero like Andrea. Andrea is a Protector of Net, who keeps the Internet and power grids safe from cyber thieves. Andrea is able to wipe out evil hackers with the twist of her wrist.  She is a cybersecurity professional.

Cybersecurity professionals and network engineers saved the world during the COVID-19 pandemic as every institution, school and business, went virtual. “Cybersecurity professionals and network engineers are unsung superheroes, who build and protect internet networks,” states Ida Byrd-Hill.

Cybersecurity Ventures predicts 3.5 million cybersecurity professional are needed by 12/2021 as America is in the midst of a cyber war. “This a great time for Blacks to enter the cybersecurity industry and earn more money while testing whether corporate America is sincere in its commitment to hire Blacks in tech,” exclaims Ida Byrd-Hill.

Adult students have been enrolling in Detroit,  Atlanta, Los Angeles, Kansas City and Seattle for thee fall semesters. APPLY TODAY!


About Automation Workz Institute

Automation Workz Institute, Inc. is gaming cybersecurity certification training to expand tech diversity exponentially utilizing AI-powered video games and digital simulations to prepare adults for careers and enterprise in Network Engineering, CyberOps and Linux/Python programming .

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