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Avenue Man Hair Products Launches Organic Shampoo and Conditioner

Industry: Beauty

After success with Avenue Man’s existing product line, celebrity hairstylist Sergio Slavnov adds organic Fortifying Shampoo and Volumizing Condition to Avenue Man’s product line

New York, NY (PRUnderground) April 7th, 2020

Avenue Man Hair Products, founded by celebrity hairstylist Sergio Slavnov, adds an organic fortifying shampoo and volumizing conditioner to their product line. Both products have certified organic extracts and provide volume, hydration, and nourishment to the hair. The products are paraben-free, sulfate free, and made in California.

All of Avenue Man’s products are created by Sergio Slavnov, one of New York City’s most sought after men’s hairstylists. Throughout his career styling models and celebrities, Sergio has experienced nearly every men’s hair product, and noticed a lack of quality and variety in the men’s hairstyling industry. Avenue Man was created to fill that void. Avenue Man used a team of chemists, models, designers, and stylists to take Sergio’s depth of knowledge and create an unparalleled line of products, providing the modern man with a chance to bring world-class style to his hair.

Products are sold on Avenue Man’s website, www.avenueman.com, and Amazon. Since Avenue Man’s launch last year, the products have been Amazon Choice certified and sold worldwide.

Avenue Man’s newest products, Fortifying Shampoo and Volumizing Conditioner, strengthen and replenish the scalp, while also delivering a dose of antioxidants, vitamins, and herbs. The custom formulated products utilize red tea and pomegranate to fight signs of aging, spearmint and eucalyptus to soothe and hydrate the scalp, and vitamin A, C, and E to construct and replenish the skin and hair.

In addition to a nourishing product line, Avenue Man also boasts a variety of styling tutorials on YouTube that show the best products to use to achieve your styling goals. Avenue Man offers a variety of high-quality products for all hair types that helps the modern man achieve the look he desires by offering a strong reworkable hold that lasts throughout the day.

Here’s what the customers are saying:

“This shampoo is one of the best I’ve used in years. I used to use Paul Mitchell, but it was just too hard on my scalp and hair. Since I’ve switched to this fortifying shampoo, I can definitely tell a difference. My hair (which is a bit longer) is much fuller and stays that way longer without the need for product. My scalp is also the best it’s been in years. No itching, no dandruff, etc.”

“After really liking the Avenue Man shampoo, I decided to order this conditioner and see what happened. I’ve recently started losing my hair. Everything I have read suggests that scalp care is the first line of defense against hair loss. I’ve used the shampoo and conditioner- also throwing in one deep scrub a week and have seen some pretty awesome results. My hair has more life to it and doesn’t just hang there. The best part, when I recently went for a haircut, my barber asked if I had done something different because I had tons of new growth.”

All Avenue Man products are made in the USA and are available on www.avenueman.com and Amazon.

About Avenue Man Hair Products

Avenue Man Hair Products, LLC was created by celebrity hairstylist Sergio Slavnov after recognizing a lack of quality and variety in men’s hairstyling products. Sergio assembled a team of chemists, models, designers, and stylists to create a line of unparalleled products that gives the modern man the opportunity to bring world-class style to his hair through Avenue Man’s high-quality and effective products. Avenue Man sells sculpting foam, premium max texture clay, firm hold hair spray, defining clay, frizz control cream, shampoo, and conditioner; all of which are manufactured in the United States.

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