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Ayden Hector, Personal Trainer, Launches New Microsite on Achieving Personal Health Goals

Industry: Health & Fitness

Individuals who are interested in achieving their fitness and health goals this summer can now take advantage of a free online resource—a brand-new microsite created by personal trainer Ayden Hector.

California, US (PRUnderground) June 16th, 2020

The blog microsite can be found at https://www.aydenhectorhealth.com/. Hector said he created the website because he sees so many individuals take their wellbeing for granted, and his goal is to inspire change in them. According to Hector, lounging around on the couch, drinking numerous beers, and binge-watching Netflix shows may all seem appealing. However, for people to lead healthy lifestyles, they must adopt healthy diets and engage in active movement.

Through the new site, readers can find out how to make active movement work for them. For instance, they can take advantage of everyday walks, regular exercise, and even calorie-burning household chores on a weekly basis.

Regarding movement, Hector’s blogs provide tips regarding the best workouts for individuals based on factors such as age and body type. Hector additionally offers pointers related to gym etiquette, training safety measures, and how to set up home gyms. In addition, his site highlights excellent sports to try following the global COVID-19 pandemic.

On the new microsite, readers can also learn how to follow proper nutrition principles, as well as develop the discipline needed to eat the right foods. For instance, Hector offers tips on the healthy yet affordable foods available in today’s market, along with some of his own healthy and simple-to-prepare recipes. He calls attention to such food selections as smoothies, eggs, and peanut butter for readers on this new, comprehensive blog microsite.

All in all, Hector’s aim with his new microsite is to give readers both the information and the inspiration they need to better their health and thus improve their quality of life in the months and years ahead.

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