B-Side from American Songwriter and ElectroPop / EDM Producer JUST

Industry: Music

Track Title: B-Side Genre: ElectroPop, EDM Launch Date: 24th June 2022 ISRC Code: GBLFP2272977

Denver, CO (PRUnderground) August 1st, 2022

JUST, a songwriter and producer from Denver, Colorado, is unashamedly influenced by Commercial ElectroPop and EDM music. From a young age, he had an affinity for retro synth-pop, electronic rock, house, etc., and gravitated towards groups and composers that incorporated synthesisers, drum machines, and electronically generated sounds in their music. With little desire to join a band, the world of ElectroPop / EDM provided a conveniently exciting collision of creative independence and a quickly evolving electronic musical landscape. It was as if the universe created a moment in time with a genre and level of accessibility not available before. It was an easy sell and JUST began making music as an independent and electronically focused artist.

JUST’s latest release is not what you sought out but somehow exactly what you need. B-Side stories that one unexpected and alternative romance. Outside the box, peppy and full of life, this song parallels the energy and momentum of the relationship you weren’t looking for. It nonetheless presents itself in the most discreet and exhilarating way. B-side’s story-driven verses and full-bodied synths set the stage for imaginary nostalgia and build toward a climactic, catchy, and hard-hitting chorus.


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