Back-to-school time means some homes are empty all day, but MobiCam is always watching – And Helping

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Back-to-school time means some homes are empty all day, but a MobiCam home monitoring system is always watching.

Beverly Hills, CA (PRUnderground) August 22nd, 2019

Even when parents are away at work, the baby’s with a sitter or in daycare and older children are at school, a wifi monitor can serve as a home surveillance system that allows users to see what’s happening in the house anytime. A MobiCam home monitoring system can also be expanded to include up 16 cameras, allowing for a look at every room of the house.

Many homes don’t have security systems and some systems only have sensors, not cameras. With a wifi baby monitor, users can see why a home security sensor is going off, check on pets, look for signs of storm damage or a break-in and more. When an entire home is covered by a system of cameras, remote viewing can provide as much visual information as being there.

With one or more MobiCam Multi-Purpose or MobiCam HDX cameras connected to a home wifi network, there’s no extra device to carry around. Users can see views of up to 16 cameras from anywhere in the world using their smart phones. In the case of the MobiCam HDX, the controlling user can also pan, tilt and zoom for the best view.

MobiCam devices also feature smooth, clear images, continuous loop recording, motion alerts, night vision and two-way audio. Up to 4 views can be seen at once using the innovative MobiCam app. Plus, the primary user can allow up to 15 other users to view the feed if desired.

“We’ve never thought of our MobiCam devices as only baby monitors – because we’ve understood from the beginning the value of our well-designed and carefully produced products for other surveillance, safety and security tasks that give homeowners peace of mind when out of the house,” said MOBI CEO David Naghi. “At back-to-school time, consumers change their patterns and often leave homes empty, but MobiCam devices are always watching and helping.”

MobiCam home monitoring cameras are available at, and other brick-and-mortar and online sources.

MOBI is approaching two decades in the home monitoring industry and is a Beverly Hills-based leader in devices dedicated to providing excellent functionality to consumers who insist on a low price, unmatched quality and a range of features. For wifi baby cameras and home video monitoring as well as digital medical thermometers and more, consumers know they can rely on the good people and great products of MOBI.

About MOBI Technologies

MOBI Technologies Inc. is a consumer health and home electronics brand committed to elevating the consumer experience around digital living and wellness monitoring for all ages. Through intuitive, easy-to-use solutions and Home Health Tech kits, MOBI inspires smart living while catering to comfort when you need to manage and monitor vitals. Our award-winning home health portfolio is ever-growing, and today includes smart thermometers, blood pressure monitors, oxygen meters, nursery and room management solutions (smart cameras, door/window sensors, lighting control for wake/sleep/downtime, etc.), and other smart choices for convenience and peace-of-mind. Learn more about how MOBI can support your health management from home with tailored, trusted devices that can be easily added to and managed via a single app as you move through life’s ages and stages. Explore our innovations at

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