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Bagwell Productions Delivers Automotive Dealerships into Modern Ages

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Automotive dealerships using outdated marketing tactics can benefit from leading-edge strategies from Bagwell Productions

Nashville, TN (PRUnderground) August 29th, 2019

Automotive dealerships across the nation are seeing the impacts of not using the latest marketing strategies to bring in customers. As the digital age continues to change the ways consumers shop for their next vehicles, dealerships who fail to offer consumers what they want are falling behind. One company, Bagwell Productions, is helping automotive dealerships stay ahead of the curve by helping them mold their marketing strategies into powerhouse sales driving blueprints for success.

Bagwell Productions was founded by Freddie Bagwell, an expert marketer with more than three decades of experience. He has proven himself to be a stellar marketing professional who has done more than pitch – he’s got a strong, high sales volume track record to back it all up. Bagwell uses his years of knowledge and experience in the unique niche of automotive dealerships, and he’s taken several dealerships from low sales to record shattering numbers in record time.

His clients include a long list of people who’ve often found themselves wondering how to sell more cars at a dealership. As an automotivepreneur, he has grown dealerships using the usual strategies such as call centers and both offline and online marketing materials and resources, but his results have been the key to his success.

In fact, his results are so solid that Bagwell is commonly known as “The Eliminator”. Over the course of his career, Bagwell has helped dealerships sell more vehicles in a single day than they would sell in a week before he stepped in. Bagwell is so much in-demand that he is typically booked up nine months in advance. The wait is worth it, however, according to his clients.

Robert Register, managing partner at Landers Mclarty Toyota of Fayetteville and Landers Mclarty Ford of Ft. Payne said, “Most dealerships don’t understand creating an environment to create sales. They believe putting an ad online, on TV, or on the radio is the end. Those platforms will generate leads, eyeballs, and listeners. The key element, Freddie Bagwell of is the main event. Comparing his campaigns is like comparing Sunday school to a three day revival. You can’t compare it. And you must feel it to believe it.”

Rico Glover, the host of The AutomotivePreneur Podcast and co-founder at, said, “The first event I saw Freddie put together, the dealership sold over 75 vehicles in three days. And that was not the last time I saw his event produce those numbers. He would do in three days what some dealerships did in 30.”

Bagwell’s campaigns are being heralded as a dealership sales revival, bringing a fresh new dynamic on consumer-based marketing that truly drives in more buyers than ever. Plus, Bagwell brings in an energy, enthusiasm, and level of experience that is unparalleled. With more than 32 years of experience, Bagwell knows every nook and cranny of the automotive sector, and he is adept at using his knowledge of the industry and leading edge marketing to create a customized, powerful blueprint for success.

While many marketing agencies will turn to the automotive niche and immediately recommend mailers promising an incentive, commonly a free gift, Bagwell uses fresh, unexpected marketing to seamlessly capture consumers who are truly interested. When those consumers come into the dealership, they are more likely to walk away as customers.

The team at Bagwell Productions works alongside the existing sales teams already working at dealerships and trains them to get the results desired. No two dealerships are alike, and no two marketing plans will look identical. “Your customers will have a great time and enjoy the buying experience as well as get a good deal,” said Bagwell.

At this time, Bagwell Productions is accepting a limited number of clients who are interested in efficiently boosting sales at their dealerships with leading-edge marketing strategies. Further details on Bagwell Productions and what their team can do for a dealership can be found at

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Bagwell Productions offers leading-edge automotive marketing designed to draw buyers in to showrooms.

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