Balfour Capital Group Forecast Mild Recession

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Aggressive Growth Fund for accredited investors, small institutions, and hedge funds, who seeking global macro and mathematical models , for stock, bond, and currency markets globally.

Luxembourg, Europe (PRUnderground) June 27th, 2022

Daniel Greenwood – As Chief Investment Officer of BCG, and spearheading The Alpha Centauri Algorithmic Fund. Our team is extremely bearish about Europe and China.

Europe will encounter higher rates as well as an energy crisis specifically in gas, we see the DAX and FTSE declining by about 10%, from these levels

China is experiencing inflation and a depressed real estate market. It all comes back to fundamentals and “the street”, having faith in the integrity of the Chinese economic numbers which clearly they don’t. If the Hang Seng breaks 20,000, we could go much lower

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