Balfour Capital Group is Pleased to Announce Additional Global Market Coverage

Industry: Financial Services

Aggressive Investment Strategies for accredited investors, small institutions, hedge funds, and retail investors who are seeking global macro and mathematical models , for stocks, bond, and currency markets globally. Global Access specifically crafted by best in class Advisors

Luxembourg, Europe (PRUnderground) May 19th, 2022

Daniel Greenwood  Balfour Capital Group (BCG)  Chief Investment Officer – In today’s market environment  the world is simply connected 24/7 , regardless of boarders . We realize developing the proper investment strategies depends on that.

Simply put, “the price movement in assets classes whether in Europe, Asia or the US , the investment flowchart of capital seamlessly creates various investment opportunities, and our Investment Advisors realize how essential that is for profitable relationships with their clients.”

We are forecasting extreme swings in the equity, bond, and commodities markets globally. That volatility only enhances our ability to find sound investment strategies, based on value and impeccable market timing, every second actually matters. Our clients demand impeccable service globally ,  world class research , and the ability speak to an advisor 24/7 whether it be via phone and  or Video Call .

Our strategies allow the retail investor, to actually enter a market position instantly and globally with advisor within minutes while on the phone. That is  the beauty of global coverage .It is  a team effort .

I am fortunate to be working with a team of over 30 years of experience which includes Steven Lawrence,  Sean McCoy, Margarrete Fournier ,and the balance of our dedicated staff . Our core assets our are people , each research team members brings not only quantitative insight but a realistic approach to a unique and proprietary investment strategies for all our clients

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