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Balfour Capital Group is pleased to announce The Alpha Centauri Algorithmic Fund

Industry: Financial Services

Aggressive Growth Fund for accredited investors, small institutions, and hedge funds, who seeking global macro and mathematical models , for stock, bond, and currency markets globally.

Luxembourg, Europe (PRUnderground) May 9th, 2022

Daniel Greenwood  Balfour Capital Group (BCG)  Chief Investment Officer – Our new fund is catering to accredited investors, small to medium size institutions , financial planners, and family offices  who  truly want “global access to the markets” .

The fund  has commenced investing in the global markets . Our team  has quantified the vast mathematical discrepancies in the global markets which will deploy these investment strategies. Since the fund is relatively small at 100 Million Euro we can capture opportunities with various arbitrage opportunities in Shares, Bonds, Indices, ETF’s,  Commodities, Currencies , as well as CDO ‘s ( Collateralized Debt Obligations )

The beauty of the fund it allows the smaller investor to align themselves, with true Macro, Geo political events,  market timing , pattern recongnition and volatilit.  We have enabled a low cost structure on execution which allows us to pass that on to the investor. I am fortunate to be working with a team of over 30 years of experience which includes Steven Lawrence, John Edwards, Sean McCoy, each one of the team members brings not only quantitative insight but a realistic approach to a unique and proprietary investment strategies, that yields with quarterly and semi annual distributions of profits to our investors.

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