Balfour Capital Group Weighs in on Global Recession

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Aggressive Growth Fund for accredited investors, small institutions, and hedge funds, who seeking global macro and mathematical models, for stock, bond, and currency markets globally.

Luxembourg, Europe (PRUnderground) July 11th, 2022

Daniel Greenwood – Chief Investment Officer of Balfour Capital Group. “We are seeing divergences in the global markets. Without question the impact of electricity cost in countries like France, in which the public is being told to rationing electricity, Germany rationing hot water, dimming street lights is obviously not a good sign for the psychology of the markets.”

“Markets are about forecasting psychology, true value , and timing. Institutions and Sovereign Wealth Funds are unloading Gold, and Silver, they  simply need liquidity. Obviously alternative investments like Bitcoin, simply aren’t liquid enough .”

“We are reiterating a sell on China, we see the Hang Seng breaking 18,000 , and the European markets like the Dax hitting 11,000, the United States Dow Jones hitting 30,000. The next 60 days with earning coming out will be critical globally.”

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