Bamboo Story’s Recently Launched Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper Celebrates 1467% Sales Increase in 30 Days

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Bamboo Story’s unbleached bamboo toilet paper offers the height of luxury feel and quality

Seattle, WA (PRUnderground) September 29th, 2022

The team at Bamboo Story is enthralled to announce that their flagship eco-friendly toilet paper has experienced an exceptional 1467% sales increase in just 30 days.

Consumer demand for effective, efficient eco-friendly products and services has sharply risen in recent years, with consumers citing a variety of reasons for this shift. For instance, data shows that consumers are interested in improving the environment, reducing production waste, and reducing their carbon footprint. Still, consumers want eco-friendly products that work well while also being considerate of the environment.

Bamboo Story has risen to this challenge with the launch of their flagship product, a 100% unbleached premium bamboo toilet paper that recently launched on Amazon. Thus far, it has received a near perfect overall 5-star rating on the world’s largest e-commerce platform.

Typical toilet paper has a major negative impact on the environment. For instance, chlorine is used to bleach the pulp in toilet paper, but chlorine is well known to pollute local water sources. Approximately 27,000+ trees and extremely high energy costs are used to meet the demands for toilet paper daily. Aside from chlorine, there are a number of other chemicals included in the process of making traditional toilet paper that are harmful for the environment.

Consumer demand has pointed to a shift towards eco-friendly toilet paper, and the options available tend to be subpar in quality, leading to consumer disappointment. The team at Bamboo Story has focused on what the consumers want and created an eco-friendly alternative to meet their expectations.

Bamboo Story 100% Unbleached Premium Bamboo Toilet Paper is 3-ply, chemical free, and biodegradable. It contains absolutely no plastic, BPA, fragrance, paraben, or chemicals such as formaldehyde and chlorine. It’s made from fast growing bamboo, a sustainable crop that’s already used for many eco-friendly applications. While it’s great for reducing carbon footprint, it’s also a great solution for those who suffer with conditions such as eczema and atopic dermatitis. Bamboo Story 100% Unbleached Premium Bamboo Toilet Paper is septic-safe and safe for RV septic tanks. Features also include tape-free locking mechanism, blanket-wrapped rolls to reduce waste from individually wrapped rolls, and sourcing from responsibly managed forests.

“We’re the only sustainable brand that’s gotten it right thus far – our eco-friendly toilet paper is plastic free, chemical free, and blanket wrapped to reduce packaging waste,” said a spokesperson for Bamboo Story.

Bamboo Story customers certainly seem to agree, contributing to a 1467% sales increase in the past 30 days. One recent customer said, “I’ve been looking for a sustainable and renewable toilet paper brand for a while now. This company makes their toilet paper soft, absorbent, flushes easy, the toilet roll doesn’t break off and leave little pieces after you wipe, and best of all, it’s natural and not bleached which means it’s better for the environment. I did a smell test too and it has the fraction of that strong toilet paper smell. Like minimal. All in all, 10/10. Would recommend to anybody, and not just people who care about the environment.”

Learn more about Bamboo Story’s eco-friendly toilet paper at Amazon and at

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Bamboo Story is an environmentally-conscious company offering chemical-free, eco-friendly, biodegradable, premium bamboo toilet paper in order to promote a sustainable lifestyle.

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