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Barefoot Psychics Report 85% of Their Psychic Readings Customers are Female

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Are men scared of psychic readings, scared of what their mates will say, just true sceptics or do they feel that they don’t need any guidance? Barefoot Psychics report...

United Kingdom (PRUnderground) October 17th, 2013

Barefoot Psychics are an online psychic services company, offering psychic readings by phone, online chat, email and text. The company has recently reported that around 85% of its customers are female.

So what’s the reason for this heavily unbalanced gender statistic? Are men scared of letting psychics in and scared of what they’ll be told; after all, it’s hard enough to get some men to visit the doctor! Peer pressure surely has a large part to play – not many men would like to admit they believe in or seek help from a psychic. Or maybe men truly do not need the help and guidance that some women need – or that’s what they tell us!

Partner of Barefoot Psychics, Amy Schofield comments ‘I’ve worked in the psychic industry for over ten years and there has always been a large percentage of female customers. My feeling is that some men don’t want to be seen to have psychic and spiritual beliefs. Whilst they might not want to admit it, men need just as much guidance and support as women. As well as our psychic phone readings, we also offer psychic readings by online chat, email and text. This is more appealing to some men as it is quick and easy and they can remain more anonymous.’

It will be interesting to see if the statistics change as men seek psychic readings from the more anonymous services such as online chat, email or text over the next few months.

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Barefoot Psychics offers professional psychic readings from hand-picked, genuine, gifted psychics by phone, online chat, email or text. Compassionate psychic readings to give you in depth guidance in love, relationships, work and family.

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