Bayise Tutor Bridges the Education Gap by Making Quality Education Accessible Online

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The online tutoring website is helping reduce inequality of opportunity by providing free access to excellent tutors and study materials

Rochester, NY (PRUnderground) April 7th, 2022

Across the globe, many students are deprived of access to quality tutors, good resources, and textbooks to help them study, and in some cases, even lack access to proper schools. Bayise Tutor is stepping up as an online tutoring platform to provide educational materials and access to the best tutors for different courses for students across different age groups worldwide and free of charge.

Based in the city of Rochester in New York State, the online tutoring platform is used by teachers as well as students. The website features courses ranging from primary and elementary school courses to secondary school courses to more advanced courses that are designed to help older students with TOEFL, USMLE and MCAT preparation.

The online teaching service also strives to be inclusive and cater to all students regardless of their ability. They also offer online courses for differently-abled students. People can also take a course on American Sign Language.

Talking to us about the impeccable educational services the online platform offers, a spokesperson from Bayise Tutor had this to say: “It’s a sad reality that because of the nature of most classrooms, where there are up to fifty, one hundred or sometimes even more students, it can be a challenge to receive one-on-one attention that many students require in order to improve their grades. Bayise Tutor offers students a chance to improve their scores in school or college by receiving one-on-one tutoring or group tutoring online. Interacting with other students from different places also helps them build a network of studious and like-minded people.”

Besides their courses for school-going and college-going students,, Bayise Tutor also offers courses that adults can take in order to train in a variety of disciplines, learn new languages or receive IT certification.

People who wish to know more about Bayise Tutor and their online teaching services can get in touch with them through the contact information provided below.

About Bayise Tutor

Bayise Tutor is an online tutoring service that connects students with qualified educators. Students across various age groups can take courses ranging from primary, junior, and secondary school courses to SAT reparation classes to classes for college students. The online tutoring service also offers courses for IT certification.

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