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BBFly Releases Netflix, Amazon, HBO and Disney+ and Hulu Video Downloader

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BBFly, the newly emerging video utility brand, has released solutions for video download on hot OTT service like Netflix, Amazon, HBO and Disney+ and Hulu this year.

New York, NY (PRUnderground) January 14th, 2022

On 31/12/2021 BBFly released Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and Disney plus downloaders for people to download their favorite movies and tv series from well known OTT platforms. The registration process in the software seems easy. All a user can do is register on the website and can confirm the registration through software, afterwards indulge in downloading content from OTT platforms.

Complete Support for Any Regions Covered by Netflix
BBFly comes in various subscription plans that one can easily subscribe to. One should only need to activate a monthly or yearly subscription of the application. The videos in BBFly that can be downloaded from numerous OTT platforms will be 1080p. However, if a user wants they can even download 4k and 8k videos depending on the OTT platform that they are downloading from. The video bitrate you will get on these videos will range from 4000kb/s up to 13Mb/s.

BBFly supports many streaming services and users can download videos off of OTT platforms including, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, HBO Now, Disney+, Paramount Plus, Amazon Prime, U-Next, Abema TV, Apple TV+, Rakuten TV. The audio that you will be able to access in the videos will come from the following sound channels: 640kb/s, 48kHz, EAC3 Dolby Digital Plus, or 2 channel 224kb/s, 48kHz, EAC3 Dolby Digital Plus.

The system requirements that you will be needing to run this software shall be the follows:

  • Intel i3 or above
  • 4GB of RAM or above
  • 40GB of free hard disk space or more
  • Live Internet connection required

BBFly can automatically detect the series that users have been hooked on recently. It can automatically see the kind of shows that users have been loving recently. You can put on download an entire series, movie or episodes for any user to watch.

BBFly analyses the browser settings to detect the language that the user uses. Once the analysis is complete, BBFly simply provides a user with SRT and TTML files for you to use while watching movies. BBFly also has country-specific support for various transregional OTT platforms like Disney plus which helps a user to only watch shows that are specific to their region. You can also subscribe to the BBFly newsletter for many updates about the recent developments of the software.

Brief Overview of OTT platforms on BBFly
BBFly comes with an integration of many solid platforms from which you can download many series and videos that you like. For instance, in Disney Plus, you get a countrywide support option in BBFly which helps you to access content from different countries. You also get a Netflix video downloader on BBFly.

The good thing about this downloader is you can save any show you like. You can watch on all of your devices. BBFly also has an HBO downloader which has both HBO max and HBO now support.

BBFly also comes with a paramount downloader that helps you to download HD videos. You can download an entire series in rapid download. For animation platforms, BBFly has both animation and Crunchyroll platforms embedded in it. 

BBFly for Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and HBO Downloader platforms

BBFly helps a user to download content off of all major OTT websites. Here is a brief overview of all the platforms that one shall be getting as part of the download feature.

Video Quality available for download in BBFly

As far as Disney Plus is concerned, users can easily download HD quality videos of 720p with the help of BBFly Disney plus downloader. One can simply track their favorite shows and watch them when they like. BBFly Netflix downloader also has a specific feature that helps you to surf movies and download them in 1080p. You can download high resolution videos also with the BBFly Amazon Prime video downloader.

There will also be a BBFly HBO video downloader where you can download HD resolution videos when you need them. You can download 1080p videos as per your liking. You can download all your favorite paramount videos in 1080p with the help of BBFly Paramount downloader. For Hulu users, BBFly ensures users can download both Hulu and Hulu Jp platform videos with the help of BBFly Hulu video downloader.

Country specific support for Amazon and Disney Plus platforms

Content is varied in today’s time. Not all demographics deal with a specific type of content. User interests in content in OTT platforms depend mainly on the region that they come from. For Disney Plus and Amazon prime users can access country-specific content belonging to the region they come from.

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All the country-specific platforms also help a user in accessing subtitles and dubbing as per their requirements. One can simply select the version of the language they want to read or listen to. 

Download Videos for all devices.

Users can download videos in MP4 format which gets played on all devices. That way a user does not have to struggle if any video does not get played because of an unsupported format.

More on BBFly:

BBFly is a software that comes with many integrated OTT video downloader platforms. One can simply download videos of their choice through surfing these integrated platforms. User can choose their favorite movies to download. It provides you with a range of other services like accessing content as per one’s need: countrywide support, MP4 downloads and preferable dubbing/subtitle choice. 

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