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Beatle Things “Twist Shake Shout ( Workout Version)” Goes Viral

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New dance workout seamlessly blends music, fitness, and fun

Cleveland, OH (PRUnderground) March 13th, 2019

Ariana Grande recently broke the Beatles’ 55-year chart record, which has brought Beatles hysteria back once again. Interestingly enough, Beatles hysteria was already breaking out in the UK and across Europe recently, even before Ariana Grande’s new record, thanks to a brand new viral dance called the “Twist Shake Shout ( Workout Version)”.

Beatle Things, the band behind the new dance, created the dance with more than just going viral in mind. In fact, the dance has roots in science while also blending fitness and music. Beatle Things has scientifically recreated, reproduced, and recomposed the legendary song with contemporary beats, exercise music, and trendy melodies. This, according to Beatle Things, offers a welcome alternative to the current “boom-boom” generic gym electronic workout music.

The announcement of the new song and workout comes from both Beatle Things and their publisher, RoXX StarZZ Anonymous, LLC, and this announcement confirms the official release of the first of a series of compositions. “Twist Shake Shout ( Workout Version)” has initiated a viral alternative in terms of the best workout music, offering a fitness and dance hysteria that’s limited only by imagination.

Successfully injecting well formulated, multi-appealing, scientifically composed versions of unforgettable Beatles music has been the key behind this new song. Beatle Things insists that music is an undeniably proven and viable component that promotes human well-being and healing properties. “It’s a phenomenon that occurs when a person listens to and absorbs the magnetically exhilarating rhythm and pleasing harmonics within their reinvented music,” said Beatle Things.

A recently released video shows the new sensation that’s taking the UK and Europe by storm.

Beatle Things leveraged this science while composing “Twist Shake Shout ( Workout Version)”, reinventing the enormously popular Beatles tune “Twist and Shout”. While listening, the nervous system involuntarily receives an electrifying and euphoric effect. The body moves pleasingly to the beats, and the person begins to feel the urge to move, dance, and, inevitably, exercise. Dancing is strongly advised as one of the best fitness regimens to pleasingly promote and maintain weight loss.

People experience and receive multiple benefits from the fun of “Twist Shake Shout ( Workout Version)”, and physiologically, the movements help them lose weight and increase their sense of being.

As opposed to spending large sums of money on diets and exercise programs that are boring and difficult, “Twist Shake Shout ( Workout Version)” is just 99 cents. Once downloaded, fans can listen virtually anywhere. More information can be found at

About Beatle Things

Beatle Things is behind the latest dance craze, the Twist-Shake-Shout Dance Workout, which is going viral in the UK and Europe.

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