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Beau Danielle Beauty Makeup Launch Celebrates Every Hue, Shade, And Color – Inspired By Creole Culture, Led By Diversity

Industry: Beauty

Lafayette, LA (PRUnderground) October 26th, 2020

Beau Danielle Beauty is announcing the launch of its signature makeup line, celebrating every hue, shade and color. Beau Danielle ( is inspired by Creole culture, and led by diversity.

Founder Ashley Collins says Beau Danielle is about more than colors – it’s a culture. “This line empowers women to embrace their skin and complement their authentic beauty with high-quality products created with an appreciation of Creole culture,” Collins says, “As we enter into a new dawn of self-awareness and identity, this beauty brand inspires our journey to knowing and loving who we are.”

Collins emphasizes the line is inclusive and diverse, for women of all shades, with a focus on women of color. Beau Danielle is ideal for women in search of a shade that authentically matches their natural complexion, and the brand also encourages women to celebrate their individuality. “This line provides extraordinary colors that complement and highlight your individual features,” Collins says, “Enhancing your eyes, lips, and face to highlight your uniqueness.”

Native to the Creole country of Southwest Louisiana, Collins has distinguished herself as a passionate, professional makeup artist, working in Atlanta and New York for 12 years.

The mother and entrepreneur launched this brand with her 6-year-old daughter’s namesake. “She was always in my makeup,” Collins says, “So I started looking for a makeup line that girls, teens, and moms could wear, but it was challenging finding beauty products for children and teens that are created and sold by people who look like them.”

This is what prompted her to launch Beau Danielle Beauty. In this brand, her daughter could find her own reflection. “Beau Danielle Beauty shifts the image of success and entrepreneurship within the beauty industry to inspire, empower, and include young people of color everywhere,” Collins says.

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