Because of the Impacts of COVID-19, Sunlight Cleaning Introduces new Disinfecting & Sanitizing Cleaning Services in Manhattan and Brooklyn for Confronting Viruses and Germs

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Maids and cleaners are ready to confront Coronavirus alongside medical workers.

New York, NY (PRUnderground) May 1st, 2020

The company’s representatives are glad to announce that Sunlight Cleaning NY is launching and distributing the new virus-preventing Disinfecting & Sanitizing cleaning services in Brooklyn and Manhattan with the aim of virus and germs elimination in New York City.

Sunlight Cleaning company cares for people and considers their health and wellbeing to be the top priority. The workers are fully aware of the current challenge for all Americans regarding the problem of COVID-19. That is why it was collectively decided by managers and employees that the company should contribute to the health of residents of New York and help people make their homes and offices safer in the period of lockdown.

The main reason for launching this service is because the company wants to help the New Yorkers fight the epidemic. Driven by the above-mentioned goal, the cleaning workers will disinfect and sanitize the apartments, private homes, and offices and use effective cleaning methods for the elimination of all harmful viruses and germs, and potentially dangerous microorganisms.

The sanitizing and disinfecting of apartments, houses, and offices is a very important preventative measure in the period of the Coronavirus outbreak. Viruses are usually transmitted through airborne droplets, and there is also a risk of getting infected through the objects. Because of that, it is highly recommended to keep the premises clean, especially when people live with someone with COVID-19 symptoms. The CDC recommends cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, that are the most frequently touched, at least once a day.

As it was already mentioned, complex cleaning consists of two steps: cleaning and disinfection. What is the difference between them? Cleansing is the physical removal of germs and dirt from surfaces. Disinfection is the application of chemicals and Commercial Steam Cleaning with the aim of destroying all pathogens on surfaces. If the cleaning stage can be done by every resident on its own, the qualitative disinfection requires the appropriate qualifications and professional equipment that cleaning companies have at the disposal. That is why it is crucial to order professional cleaning services for the sake of maintaining healthy conditions. It is also the reason why Disinfecting Cleaning Services in NYC are getting more in demand than ever among the clients of the company.

Sunlight Cleaning NY is ready to perform this new service at an affordable price, using the cleaning technology that is safe for people, animals, and plants, and meet the highest cleaning standards.

About Sunlight Cleaning NY company

Sunlight Cleaning NY company is a professional housekeeping company located in NYC. The company provides professional cleaning services in the field of the professional house and apartment deep cleaning. Sunlight Cleaning positions itself as “flexible, reliable and affordable”. The company is known for processing information taken from the feedbacks of the clients and improving services based on it.

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