Bedsure announces Sleep Solutions for Dog Health and Good Behavior

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Leading global home bedding company Bedsure addresses pet owner concerns about wellness and good behavior through five popular products.

Walnut, CA (PRUnderground) October 11th, 2021

Research shows that pet owners are “increasingly concerned about the health of their pets.” According to PetMD, “Just like in people, sleep is key to a dog’s overall health.” Lack of sleep and sleep disorders can not only cause unwanted dog behaviors like whining, crying or frequently waking up during the night, it can also cause a “buildup of stress hormones”, increased aggression or even “weaken a dog’s immune system, increasing the risk of infection.” To help dogs sleep well, be healthy and behave well, Bedsure has developed a variety of quality dog beds.

Bedsure has been making quality, functional and stylish bedding for people since 2016 and for pets since March 2019 in the US. The company recognized the need for good quality, affordable, comfortable and useful pet beds that meet animal health needs and are convenient for pet owners. Bedsure’s mission of creating warmth, connection and coziness for families across the world includes people who see pets, or “fur babies”, as a part of their family. Bedsure’s brand concept of “Get Cozy from the Little Things” focuses on providing customers – and their pets – with the ultimate coziness while they rest and sleep.

Bedsure produces a variety of pet beds for small, medium and large-sized dogs. With dogs sleeping 12 to 14 hours per day for daytime naps and nighttime sleep, Bedsure’s dog beds have been designed to give these animals good rest and sleep, supporting their health, wellness and good behavior.

Bedsure Ergonomic Dog Bed

This pet bed is easily accessible for older pets or puppies who have difficulty climbing up high, as this bed is only 3” high. A short pile Sherpa fleece provides softness and comfort across the flat-surfaced bed. Available in 4 different sizes and 5 colors, this bed is highly versatile and can be used by small, medium and large-sized dogs and placed in a bedroom or even a car backseat. Egg crate foam provides air flow throughout the bed, helping to keep a dog comfortable even if the weather turns unexpectedly warm. It also provides whole-body support to young and old dogs alike. The cover has a zipper, which makes removal and washing easy for pet owners.

Bedsure Dog Sofa

Pet owners who are looking for a pet bed with a head rest can use Bedsure’s Dog Sofa. The company has designed a rectangular bed with firm bolsters on 3 sides for an enclosed, comforting feeling and for a pillow-like experience for dogs. This bed is suitable for medium-large dogs or dogs with longer legs, who can climb up and over into their bed. A soft polyester flannel provides softness and coziness for pets, plus fast-drying material. Egg crate foam provides firmness, support and comfort throughout. A studded, non-slip bottom helps the bed to stay in place rather than slipping around on a smooth floor, making it suitable for hardwood floors or even linoleum.

Bedsure Donut Dog Bed

This pet is ideal for pets who like to curl up into a ball and sleep. A circular shape with a dip in the middle provides a cozy hole to burrow into, while being surrounded by soft fabric. Faux fur creates a furry softness and the raised edges create a sense of security and warmth for cold nights. They also help to hold warm air when a pet has been resting or sleeping on it. 4 sizes make this cozy bed suitable for very small, small, medium and larger dogs (under 36” long). Given this product’s round shape, it can easily fit around other objects in a bedroom, living room or other small space.

Bedsure Memory Foam Dog Sofa

A similar shape as the Dog Sofa, Bedsure’s Memory Foam Dog Sofa has special foam that will easily reshape to its original form after being slept on. This memory foam provides a 2.5” moderate firmness, similar to a human sofa. Memory foam is unique in its ability to wrap around a sleeping body and also to return to its original shape after getting up off of it.

The cover is made of micro-Sherpa fleece fabric, which is comfortable and helps to hold in heat. A wrap-around bolster allows pets to rest their head like a pillow and also provides a soft boundary to create a sense of security. Denim blue, gray and dark gray provide a sense of style for pet owners who like to decorate their homes with attractive, matching colors or fabrics.

Bedsure Elevated Dog Bed

Bedsure has also produced a pet bed that is suitable for outdoor use – wet, damp or dry. It can also be used for unexpectedly warm weather or if a pet easily gets hot. Made out of durable and durable Teslin fabric, this synthetic, mesh-like fabric is suitable for small, medium and large sized dogs, including heavier ones. The thin fabric layer is raised off the ground, so air easily moves beneath it. Metal bed legs with plastic covers provide stability and keep the bed from moving around. The product is easy to assemble and lightweight to carry around a yard or even on a camping trip.

These Bedsure dog beds can be found on Amazon in the US and Canada. All of these dog beds have achieved Amazon Choice status for being readily available and highly rated by customers.


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From the moment you wake up to the second you fall asleep, Bedsure aims to make you and your family comfortable. Founded in 2016, Bedsure is a leading home textile manufacturer with products sold to over 15 million customers worldwide. Since its founding, Bedsure has maintained a compound growth rate of 100% for five consecutive years. While Bedsure has grown into a global company with diverse products to meet different customer needs, its focus on comfortable home products and everyday value stays the same.

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