Bedsure Breakthrough Low-voltage Technology Brings Ultimate Safety to Heated Blanket

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The textile expert Bedsure launched new product-sherpa fleece low-voltage heated blanket this fall.

California (PRUnderground) September 12th, 2019

Bedsure, the textile expert that designs and makes comfortable home linens, has launched their new sherpa fleece low-voltage heated blanket on September 9th 2019, via their Amazon store and online store.

The sherpa fleece low-voltage heated blanket, which features patented heating elements, safer low-voltage technology, multifunctional heat settings and Bedsure all-time bestselling premium soft sherpa fleece, gently wraps you in consistent warmth and coziness.

Breakthrough Safety Tech

Bedsure understands that safety is one of the biggest concerns customers may have before purchasing a heated blanket. That’s why they designed heated blanket with overheat protection to ensure you can rest with peace of mind.

Bedsure uses low-voltage heating technology instead of high-voltage. The difference between the two is that high-voltage heated blanket can result in serious harm when the blanket is folded when heating or it isn’t used properly, while the low-voltage is completely safe and user-friendly for everyone, even the kids. Low-voltage heated blanket is wet-proof and moisture safe. It can tolerate liquids and won’t react, meaning even spills won’t cause any harm to you. However when high-voltage heated blanket gets wet, electric shocks can be common.

Patented Heating Elements

With the application of patented Uniwarm technology, the blanket can warm up to 89°F in just 2 minutes while the other heated blankets can take up to 10 minutes. The heating elements are evenly distributed throughout the blanket. More wires are sewed in the heating elements and they are thinner so you can hardly feel them.

Bedsure uses silica gel to wrap wires instead of using PVC. Silica Gel is more durable than PVC. It won’t crack or split especially after being heated and washed many times. It can protect wires well from leaking electric over time.

Easy to Use Controller

Bedsure created a controller with advanced heat settings and time settings. Specific temperature setting from 95°F to 131°F allows you to find that sweet spot of warmth which helps you relax and find peaceful rest. Automatic shut off can be set as long as 10 hours, so you can enjoy an undisturbed long night’s sleep knowing your electric blanket will turn off automatically. The LED lighting in the controller helps you to easily navigate temperature adjustments during night.

Premium Fabric

Even though it is a heated blanket, Bedsure still wants to make it as soft and comfortable as it could possibly be. Bedsure chooses sherpa fleece as the surface to provide softness, comfort, and of course— extra warmth for you to sleep easier and cozier. In addition, Bedsure collaborated with Nanotex® to apply Fresh Protect to minimize odors and stains caused by unwanted bacteria – repelling harmful microbes from the inside out and increasing the life cycle of the textile.

Check out the breakthrough heated blanket:

About Bedsure Designs

From the moment you wake up to the second you fall asleep, Bedsure makes sure you and your family will be more comfortable. That’s why they are always dreaming up new products to help you sleep well, wake up refreshed, and get that extra bit of cozy comfort throughout the day. And because cost shouldn’t stress you out, Bedsure brings everyday value to everything from household basics to high-tech fabrics and sleep solutions. Their products are all priced for your budget, made for the way you live, and delivered directly to you with a smile.

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