Bedsure Launches New S-Curve Mattress Topper to Provide Comfort and Spinal Support for Your Entire Body

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Bedsure, the textile expert designing comfortable and affordable home linens, has launched its new mattress topper via its Amazon and online store.

Diamond Bar, CA (PRUnderground) August 18th, 2020

The S-Curve Mattress Topper is ideal for those who suffer from back pain and struggle to find a comforting sleeping position throughout the night. The topper is designed with original ergonomic features that customize to your body and sleeping needs.

Unique S-Curve Design

The S-Curve Mattress Topper is designed with a unique S-shape to mirror the natural curve of your body. The subtle curve of the topper provides customized support to different areas of the body so that your spine stays aligned while you sleep. As you lay on the topper, it gently contours to the shape of your body without sinking, ensuring that your back and spine stay firmly supported while still offering a plush and enveloping memory foam feeling.

Double-Foamed Inner Core

Unlike many traditional mattress toppers which are typically made using only standard foam, the S-Curve Mattress Topper is made using both memory foam and standard foam, which ensures varying levels of firmness to different parts of the body that need support the most. The inner core of the topper is sturdy and designed to retain its natural shape after you’re done sleeping each night. The top layer is made with the memory foam so that the topper immediately begins to contour to your body once you lie down, while the standard foam layer beneath it offers total body support and comforting firmness so that you stay aligned throughout the night.

Breathable & Cooling Material

Relying on the latest in material innovation, the front side of the mattress topper is crafted using 30% bamboo fiber which is known for being cool, extremely breathable, soft to the touch, and temperature adaptable depending upon the season. The other side of the cover is designed using mesh to keep an even, breathable flow throughout the entire mattress. In addition to its breathability, the mesh also provides an anti-slip texture so the topper never slides off. The mattress topper is CertiPUR-US Certified and Oeko-Tex Certified, and it features easy to find zippers so that removing and washing is easy. The topper is also hypoallergenic and repels dust and other debris that can collect on your mattress, making it the perfect addition for those who suffer from year-round and seasonal allergies.

Unparalleled Spinal Support

Easily the most unique feature of the S-Curve topper is its ability to relieve back pain and spinal misalignment that can occur when sleeping on mattresses or toppers that are too stiff or sag too much. The body-hugging contour of this topper takes on the shape of your body while still offering the support that your body needs to sleep comfortably. What sets this topper apart is that it offers varying levels of support that expertly relieves pressure on your back and waist so that you won’t wake up with back discomfort in the mornings.  When sleeping on a mattress that’s too stiff or firm, there are gaps left between your body and the mattress where it should technically meet, leaving your neck and back stiff and in pain upon waking. Adversely, when a traditional mattress or topper is too soft or sagging, your body can fall into a position that’s unhealthy for bones and joints, also leaving you in pain upon waking. The S-Curve topper effectively reads your body and mirrors its natural curve, giving you enveloping yet supportive comfort for your best night’s sleep yet.

About Bedsure

From the moment you wake up to the second you fall asleep, Bedsure aims to make you and your family comfortable. Founded in 2016, Bedsure is a leading home textile manufacturer with products sold to over 15 million customers worldwide. Since its founding, Bedsure has maintained a compound growth rate of 100% for five consecutive years. While Bedsure has grown into a global company with diverse products to meet different customer needs, its focus on comfortable home products and everyday value stays the same.

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