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Bedsure has prepared a wide range of viscose from bamboo fabric-based products as a part of the Bedsure Dorm Room Essential offerings specifically for college students.

Diamond Bar, CA (PRUnderground) June 16th, 2022

As the summer break arrives, incoming college freshmen and returning students nationwide are shopping for new home beddings to ensure a smooth transition to a new life stage. Bamboo-based beddings, such as the viscose from bamboo sheets and pillowcases, are particularly practical for college life, especially for the summer and fall semesters.

Bedsure, a global leading home textile manufacturer with over 18 million cozy customers served to date, has had more than six years of experience in providing customers with comfortable and cozy home textile products. Since 2018, Bedsure has innovatively incorporated viscose from bamboo into its products to offer customers the utmost sound sleep experience, even during the most uncomfortable summer nights.

Bedsure has prepared a wide range of viscose from bamboo fabric-based products as a part of the Bedsure Dorm Room Essential offerings specifically for college students. The offering adds dorm-friendly Twin XL size variation to the Viscose from bamboo-based products, as they are breathable, thermoregulating, moisture-wicking, and more. These bamboo viscose benefits make them the perfect sleep companion for college students.


Bamboo-based fabrics retain all the benefits of raw bamboo sticks. One of the most apparent features of viscose from bamboo products is the ability to thermoregulate. As a result, viscose from bamboo provides an instant coolness in warmer climates, making the sheet set perfect for hot sleepers and those in warmer weather. Moreover, the bamboo-based cooling fabric is green, natural, and more skin-friendly than traditional cooling beddings, which are often fabricated with synthetic material.


Bamboo-based fabric is twice as absorbent as cotton, which instantly absorbs excess moisture, such as sweat and fluids of all kinds, upon leaks and spills. In addition, bamboo-based fabric contains micro-sized vents that allow moisture to evaporate. The moisture-wicking bamboo-based beddings make sleepers comfortable and dry all night long.


Wildly considered as the “fabric of choice for the environmentally conscious,” bamboo-based fabrics are some of the most sustainable materials in the home textile and even the fashion industry. Bamboo grows quickly and smothers weeds, and they do not require fertilizers and absorb five times more carbon than trees while producing 35% more oxygen. Moreover, bamboo-based fabrics are also naturally biodegradable and hypoallergenic, allowing users to enjoy the product with peace of mind while preserving the ecosystem.

As school season approaches, Bedsure’s viscose from bamboo products, such as the Bedsure 100% Viscose from Bamboo Sheet Set and the Bedsure 100% Viscose from Bamboo Pillowcases, make the perfect go-to option for any dorm residents who are also environmentally conscious hot sleepers.

Bedsure 100% Viscose from Bamboo Sheet Set

As the name suggests, the Bedsure 100% Viscose from Bamboo Sheet Set is fabricated from 100% premium viscose from bamboo. The bamboo viscose in this sheet set makes humid summer nights in stuffy dorm rooms much more tolerable. Its excellent ability to wick away moisture also ensures hot sleepers rest well before major exams. Currently rated 4.5/5 on Amazon with over 39,800 reviews, the Bedsure 100% Viscose from Bamboo Sheet Set is available in eleven colors. Starting at $37.99 for dorm-appropriate Twin XL, this bamboo-based sheet set is one of Bedsure’s most popular summer products.

Bedsure 50% Viscose from Bamboo 50% Cotton Waffle Weave Blanket

The hybrid fabric with viscose from bamboo adds extra moisture-wicking and breathability to the classic waffle weave blanket, retaining the benefits of both fabrics. The viscose from bamboo also adds a thermoregulation feature to the extra layer of warmth. Perfect for many use cases and scenarios, such as a sleep blanket during hot summer eves, staying warm during all-nighters, or simply as an interior decorative element, this versatile blanket is perfect for college life.

Bedsure Waterproof Mattress Protector with Rayon from Bamboo

While initially designed to protect and enhance the performance of a mattress, with the average life expectancy of mattresses being over eight years in college dorms, a good mattress protector is a must-have and would serve as a shield to guard sleepers against germs and unsanitary particles of all kinds. An aged public mattress often contains sweat, skin particles, saliva, and other unthinkable content from its former occupants. The Bedsure Waterproof Mattress Protector with Rayon from Bamboo shield-guards sleepers from unsanitary particles for peace of mind.

Infused with rayon from bamboo, this waterproof mattress protector is extra breathable for extra comfort. The TPU layer repels liquid and fluid from penetrating through, which protects the sleepers and enhances the comfortability of the mattress.

As the summer season nears, Bedsure has prepared a full range of bamboo-based products for customers with all needs. For Bedsure’s full product lineup, please visit:

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