Bedsure supports North Americans to address Chronic Stress through Comfort and Sleep Solutions

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To help families create a comfortable, stress-free space, Bedsure has identified 4 stress-busting products for relaxation, rest and wellness.

Walnut, CA (PRUnderground) February 18th, 2022

According to research by Gallup from 115 countries, 2020 “officially became the most stressful year in recent history.”

Significant environmental causes of stress for North Americans have been the COVID-19 pandemic, economic downturns and political conflict.

According to the American Psychological Association, between 2019 and 2021, the top sources of stress in the US were work, money, family responsibilities and personal health concerns.

Ironically, ongoing stress can not only cause a lack of enough quality sleep, it can also make it more difficult to handle stress-inducing events, which cause more stress, compounding the challenge.

Poor sleep can make it much more difficult to cope with even relatively minor stress. Daily hassles can turn into major sources of frustration. […] Poor sleep itself can even turn into a source of stress. You might know that you need to get a good night’s sleep, but then find yourself worrying that you won’t be able to fall or stay asleep each night.

Thankfully, “Getting enough sleep on a nightly basis can alleviate stress quite effectively.”

With health concerns and family responsibilities making the top 5 of significant sources of stress, and stress causing a range of health issues, Bedsure has identified 4 rest, relaxation and sleep products that can support families to reduce stress and increase wellness.

For stress-relieving sleep for kids and young adults – Weighted Blanket

According to Healthline, weighted blankets can “reduce symptoms of anxiety” and “improve sleep quality.”

Bedsure’s weighted blankets have been designed to mimic the comforting and relaxing feeling of being hugged or held when sleeping.

Made from 100% cotton, Bedsure’s Weighted Blanket helps children with a weight as low as 40 pounds relax and sleep well.

Bedsure has created different sizes to provide the optimal amount of comforting weight for sleepers. Children can enjoy the hugging- weight of 5 pounds, whereas adult can have their anxiety reduced with 10 pounds of weight distributed across the blanket.

Featuring a baffle box design, the glass beads have been sewn in-between two layers of polyester fill. These spread-out beads providing a comforting weight across the whole body.

Available in 5 sizes, the Bedsure blanket is available in navy blue and grey.

For neck and head support for adults – Contour Memory Foam Pillow

Having a contoured pillow can cradle the head and neck, ensuring a relaxing, restful sleep.

To wake up with a straight and relaxed neck, Bedsure has designed the Contour Memory Foam Pillow. It has been designed to fit the shape of a sleeper head and neck.

The pillow is firm enough to keep a sleeper’s head neck straight, yet soft enough to ensure relaxation and quality sleep.

Bedsure’s ergonomic pillow has a unique design.

There is a circular head support in the center of the pillow with a sloping design to align with the neck. Next to this, there are raised extensions on either side, which shoulder support for back sleepers and facial pressure relief for side sleepers.

A soft and durable polyester and bamboo viscose cover can be easily removed and cleaned in a washing machine.

As an extra health benefit, the pillow has met the Standard 100 requirements by OEKO TEX®. This means the product satisfies the highest criterion of testing for harmful chemicals and has been found to be harmless for humans.

For warmth and coziness for the whole family – Cationic Dyed Comforter Set

Comforters are designed for comfort and rest. Bedsure has a range of comforters to meet the health and wellness needs of the whole family, whether for relaxing on the couch after work or for getting that extra boost of wellness through sleep.

Bedsure’s Cationic Dyed Comforter Set futures brushed polyester, which provides a pleasant soft hand feel, fast-drying and durability.

350 GSM medium-heavy weight polyester fill offers a puffy and fluffy experience for parents and kids alike.

The natural-looking cationic dye creates a relaxing impression.

The Bedsure comforter set is available in 6 soothing tones, including blue grey, pink and khaki.

For whole-body support and comfort for families – Memory Foam Topper with Bamboo Charcoal

Key parts of a comfortable, ergonomic sleep system include “[great] back support” and “optimal body comfort.” An ergonomic mattress topper can provide whole-body support to de-stress and facilitate high quality sleep.

Bedsure’s Memory Foam Topper with Bamboo Charcoal provides extra back and spine support, helping stressed-out people to calm down and get cozy.

High resilience memory foam ensures the foam will form around the body. An air mesh backing help to keep air flowing around the topper.

A bamboo charcoal-infused foam layer helps to absorb body odor and help to regulate body temperature.

Adding to the comfort, this Bedsure topper has been designed with a 70% polyester (for durability) and 30% lyocell (for breathability) cover. The machine washable cover features a quilted pillow-top layer, which is soft and cozy.

Combined, these features can make for a well-supported, comfortable sleeping experience.

When used together, all these Bedsure sleeping products – blanket, pillow, comforter and topper – can help families everywhere to de-stress, unwind and sleep well.

For more information about Bedsure’s relaxation and rest products, click here.


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