Best Folding Fat Tire E-bike – HiPEAK ELIAS Step-Thru E-bike Review

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This article will introduce why the HiPEAK ELIAS step-thru e-bike is the best folding fat tire ebike from my perspective.

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) June 9th, 2023

I purchased HiPEAK ELIAS folding fat tire electric bike by chance, initially looking for a step-thru frame that suited my height and offered long battery range. Now, after several months of riding, I can confidently say it it the best folding fat tire electric bike available on the market.

In this comprehensive review, I will explore the remarkable features and benefits that make the HIPEAK ELIAS step-thru e-bike the top choice for adventure enthusiasts and urban commuters alike. From its innovative folding design to its robust fat tires and electrifying performance, this e-bike is built to redefine your cycling experience.

What is a folding fat tire e-bike

A folding fat tire electric bike is a type of electric bicycle that combines the features of a folding bike, fat tire bike, and an electric bike. A folding bike is designed to be compact and easily folded for storage and transportation. It typically has hinges or mechanisms that allow it to be folded into a more compact size, making it convenient for urban commuting or traveling.

A fat tire bicycle, on the other hand, is characterized by its wide, oversized tires. These tires provide greater traction, stability, and cushioning, allowing riders to tackle various terrains such as sand, snow, gravel, or uneven surfaces more comfortably.

What types of folding fat tire electric bikes are available on the market?

On the market, you can find various types of folding fat tire electric bikes, each with its own unique features and specifications. Here are some common types: Compact Folding Fat Tire E-bikes, Step-Thru Folding Fat Tire E-bikes, Full-Suspension Folding Fat Tire E-bikes, Off-Road Folding Fat Tire E-bikes, Commuter Folding Fat Tire E-bikes, and Long-Range Folding Fat Tire E-bikes. So why the HiPEAK ELIAS Step-Thru electric bike is the most among these? It can be demonstrated from the following aspects:

Powerful motor

The powerful motor is a crucial aspect that makes it essential for folding fat tire electric bikes. A powerful motor provides significant assistance to the rider’s pedaling effort, allowing for higher speeds and better acceleration. It enables riders to conquer steep inclines and challenging terrains with ease, enhancing overall performance and enjoyment of the riding experience. HiPEAK ELIAS is equipped with a 750W brushless motor while those of most folding ebikes from other brands are 500W or less. This powerful motor could help you climb more easily and ride faster. 750-Watt electric bikes with 65NM torque can provide you with great speed combined with smooth control.

Apart from intuitive riding performance, with a robust motor, HiPEAK ELIAS folding fat tire electric bikes can efficiently cover long distances and navigate through traffic, making them ideal for urban commuting. Riders can reach their destinations faster and with less physical exertion, all while reducing their carbon footprint.

Longer range backed by batteries

The battery range or endurance plays a prominent role in the significance of folding fat tire electric bikes. The battery’s capacity directly impacts the distance that can be covered on a single charge. For folding fat tire electric bikes, having a sufficient battery range is essential to ensure riders can undertake longer rides or commute without the worry of running out of power. It provides the freedom to explore diverse terrains and facilitates longer adventures. HiPEAK ELIAS features a removable 48V 15Ah lithium-ion battery, which can operate 60 miles per charge, instead of regular 48V 12-14Ah batteries used by other brands.

In addition, Folding fat tire electric bikes with good battery endurance offer versatility in traveling options. Riders can confidently choose alternative routes or take detours without concerns about the battery draining quickly. It provides peace of mind, knowing that the bike can comfortably handle the entire journey, including any unexpected delays or changes in the planned route. HiPEAK ELIAS folding fat tire bike has taken this factor into consideration.

Safe brake system and fat tires

While other brands with higher pricing adopt hydraulic disc brakes, the HiPEAK ELIAS folding fat tire electric bike use mechanical disc brakes that makes HiPEAK ELIAS the cost-effective choice in this price, because some brands with more expensive pricing than HiPEAK ELIAS still use mechanical disc brakes. The braking system of HIPEAK is capable of handling any road surface, even on slippery terrains.

Except for brake system, the fat tire is also a prominent factor that make HiPEAK ELIAS a excellent folding fat tire electric bike. HiPEAK ELIAS comes with 20″x4″ Fat Tires that give you more suspension, comfort and ease when traveling down long stretches of road or on rugged mountain biketrails.

Pedal assist system

The pedal assist system, also known as electric assist or electric power-assisted pedaling, provides an extra boost of power to the rider’s pedaling effort. This assistance allows riders to tackle challenging terrains, ride longer distances, and overcome fatigue more easily. It enhances the overall riding experience by reducing the physical exertion required and providing a smoother and more enjoyable ride. The HiPEAK folding fat tire electric bike comes equipped with a 7-level pedal assist system, allowing you to effortlessly ride even when the battery is low or when you want to engage in a light physical workout.

Bicycle frame

The step-thru frame of the Elias makes it easier to get on and off, providing a more effortless riding experience for older individuals and those with limited mobility. This frame design offers added convenience and encourages more people to embrace electric bicycles. For young commuters seeking a more comfortable and efficient way to travel or for parents who need a convenient mode of transportation for school drop-offs and errands, the Elias’ frame design is likely to attract a larger number of riders.

Comfortable saddle

A folding fat tire electric bike should prioritize comfort, with suitable handlebar position, frame size, and saddle. HiPeak Elias features a sturdy and durable saddle that minimizes the impact of bumps during the ride. It is adjustable, allowing you to meet your comfort requirements. Additionally, customers with wider hips can purchase an oversized seat saddle from the HiPeak official website.

Multifunctional smart display

A practical display is vital for a folding fat tire electric bike. HiPEAK ELIAS’s multifunctional record battery condition, calculate how many miles you ride, show the current average speed or speed, and reflect your current pedal assist system level. These functions allow you know your electric bike situation at any case.


In conclusion, the HIPEAK ELIAS step-thru E-bike proves to be a remarkable choice in the realm of folding fat tire electric bikes. Its powerful motor, foldable design, highly competitive rares ,and versatile riding capabilities make it a standout option for riders seeking convenience and performance.


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