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Surrey, British Columbia (PRUnderground) February 20th, 2023

Canada is a land of opportunities. It is why Canada is one of the top countries with the highest immigration rates around the world. It has been a land of immigrants since the colonization of Britain way back in the 16th century. As of 2022 stats, the annual immigration of Canada marks more or less three lakhs in number. Immigrants contribute roughly one in five parts of the country’s total population. On the other hand, It is known for its visitors who wish to come to the country for various purposes including tourism, business and so on. A visitor visa commonly called a Temporary Resident Visa(TRY) will be mandatory for the purpose. A strong letter of invitation from a resident will be of great value for the purpose. A top-rated notary public from Surrey who recently felicitated with ThreeBestRated® award for 2023 found some time to educate us on the important information to be included to write a commendable letter of invitation to Canada,

  • The letter of visa is a formal statement that is signed by an official Canadian citizen who has a standard status including a stream of income that they are inviting you to their country. This person can be anybody who agrees to provide you with the letter.
  • A letter of invitation does not guarantee your visa. This can remain an extra credible resource to visa officers that you meet the immigration law of Canada. It remains a guarantee from the provider that all the details included are true and believable.
  • Nowadays, Canadian Invitation Letter is directly delivered to your inbox. First of all, You will have to choose the package from the regular and express variants.
  • Continue with the payment of the applicable fee with all of your necessary details. Credit cards or PayPal will be convenient for the purpose.
  • Proceed with providing all the necessary details for processing in the invitation letter form. The information should be accurate along with details of the embassy or consulate concerned with you.
  • Depending on your package type, The invitation letter will be issued to your inbox if you are eligible. It might take two to three days depending on the package you choose.
  • Next is obviously to print the letter and sign it for official proof and send it to the guest who is willing to visit Canada. He/she should carry the letter along with other documents required while visiting the embassy in their country.

Almost all of your personal details should be included in the letter along with the necessary details about the visa applicant. Additional specific information should be added if it is a super visa, completes the firm. Professional notary publics like Salim Notary can be the strongest support for the purpose and even more that includes every aspect of notary services.

Salim Notary & Its Merits

Mohmed Salim Contractor, a top-rated notary public from Surrey who recently felicitated with the ThreeBestRated® award for 2023 is a member of the BC Notaries Association. The mission of the firm is to give the highest standard of notary public services to the community by meeting or exceeding clients’ expectations, supporting green practice as much as possible (paperless), and providing notarial services on a competitive cost basis. ThreeBestRated® and their expert team has honored the firm as one of the best notary public services in Surrey with their organized 50-Point Inspection. Delta, Port Coquitlam, Langley, White Rock, and Richmond are other nearby locations where they offer service too. Visit to know everything about them.

Services Offered

Salim Notary provides professional notary and legal services in notarizations, certified true copies, estate planning, real estate conveyancing (buyer, seller, family transfer, refinance, mortgage, lender), affidavits related to family matters, authorization letters, statutory declaration, conveyancing residential, commercial, manufactured homes, leasehold properties, real estate refinance family transfer, builder’s lien, letter of invitation to Canada, simple will, general or enduring power of attorneys, representation agreements, easement, covenants, travel and custody of a minor document & preparing for an individual a legal name change document and many other legal services.

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